Home Depot's Adorable Resident Store Cat Shares His Nightly Routine

You may know a cat that lives (and works!) at a store. From bookstore cats to winery cats to cat cafe cats it's always so exciting when you're at your favorite shop and run into a cat. Well, according to TikTok, there are a lot of cats who live (and work!) at hardware stores, like Home Depot.

TikTok user @Cat_dad_2020 regularly shares updates about his resident Home Depot cat, named Leo. And on August 21 he shared a video of where Leo goes at night.

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The video explains that every evening Leo gets locked in the Home Depot garden center, where his food, toys, cat tree and litter box are located and that's where he spends the night. After the doors are locked, so Leo can't get out of the store.

TikTok users adore this hard working employee and @Jus comments, "I work at a garden store, and we acquired a cat a few months ago, no more rodents and she greets all the customers." @Meval comments, "Best night supervisor." @Mom adds, "THIS Home Depot has a Mascot. He probably knows the aisles & bays better than the employees."

Leo has an important job too, because cats are natural predators of rodents and other pests like mice and rats. Having cats around can help control these pests, preventing damage to stored goods and reducing the need for chemical pest control methods. He's a hard working man!

Plus, it gives customers joy to encounter a furry feline when they are visiting the store to pick up lumber and paint. It's a win-win for everyone!

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