All Home Care Matters Podcast Continues to Feature a Wide Range of Guests

The program is devoted to discussing all things home care

Livonia, MI, Aug. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A trio of recent interviews on All Home Care Matters, the podcast and YouTube show dedicated to providing resources to families facing long-term care issues, demonstrated the breadth and depth of the program considered essential for those caring for loved ones.

All Home Care Matters Podcast Continues to Feature a Wide Range of Guests
All Home Care Matters Podcast Continues to Feature a Wide Range of Guests

All Home Care Matters Podcast Continues to Feature a Wide Range of Guests

On July 22, All Home Care Matters welcomed Beth Cavenaugh, an author and certified hospice and palliative care nurse, Reiki practitioner and educator with more than 14 years of experience in caring for patients at the end of their life.

Cavenaugh’s book, “Some Light at the End,” is a tender yet transparent guide to a person’s final days. Cavenaugh reveals in the book, now in its fourth printing, what options patients with a terminal diagnosis have. With personal stories and a touch of humor, “Some Light at the End” helps families find support to understand this process, be better informed and anticipate the unknown.

During her appearance, Cavenaugh discussed:

  • Questions to consider when researching hospice care to advocate for your health and maximize your quality of life.

  • How to assemble and manage a trusted personal care team that wants you to be your happiest and most comfortable.

  • Strategies to handle preparing your affairs, managing palliative medicine and dealing with common medical symptoms.

  • Activities and meditations designed to encourage emotional care, connect to yourself and loved ones, and navigate anxiety and grief.

  • After-death care ritual ideas for your caregiver to honor your passing and body with love while processing their loss.

Cavenaugh suggests patients ease into the end of life with a plan so they know they will be taken care of and their wishes respected.

Visit to learn more about her work and “Some Light at the End.”

Author Lauren Dykovitz shared her personal story when she appeared on All Home Care Matters on July 27.

Dykovitz’s mother was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s in July 2010 at 62. Dykovitz was only 25 years old at the time. She quit her full-time job and became a caregiver for her mom at age 28. Lauren started her “Life, Love and Alzheimer’s” blog and social media pages to document her journey and share her experience as a caregiver.

She self-published her first book, “Learning to Weather the Storm: A Story of Life, Love and Alzheimer’s” in 2017 and her second book, “When Only Love Remains: Surviving My Mom’s Battle with Early Onset Alzheimer’s,” in 2021.

Although her mom passed way in April 2020, Dykovitz’s mission is to help others on their Alzheimer’s journey by sharing stories and lessons from her personal experience. In many ways, she feels like she is just getting started.

As Dykovitz says on her blog, “I'm not an expert on Alzheimer's disease, but I am an expert on loving someone who has it.”

Learn more about Dykovitz, including where to purchase her books, at

Australian Tim England, who calls himself “The Dementia Champion,” brought a unique background and set of experiences to his appearance on All Home Care Matters.

England demystifies and destigmatizes dementia in the community and advocates for people living with dementia and their families to live well. As a dementia care specialist, an experienced educator, a consultant, and an advance care planner, he encourages others to make a positive difference for people living with dementia in their communities. England achieves this by sharing information about dementia’s pathology, the personal impact of dementia and what can be done to help.

Since becoming a professional care worker within the aged care sector 11 years ago, England has worked extensively in the community, where every day and every client presents copious challenges and opportunities to excel in client-centered care.

England enrolled at the University of Tasmania in 2013 as a mature-aged student to complete the first-ever bachelor of dementia care program via the world-renowned Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre. He graduated in 2016 and is currently one of only 400 individuals with this degree. In addition, he is listed on the University of Tasmania Dean’s Roll of Excellence.

He is currently completing post graduate studies to gain the world’s first master’s of dementia degree by the end 2021. Since 2017, England has hosted hundreds of free public dementia education events to raise the awareness of the disease. His community work has been recognized by the government, twice in the “Australian Journal of Dementia Care,” and by Rotary Australia who awarded him the “Paul Harris Award” for Community Service.

England recently began a YouTube channel called “Ask a Dementia Champion,” which has the goal of raising the level of dementia awareness and knowledge in the community and to destigmatize dementia more broadly by sharing his knowledge and experiences. England has also been a consultant for many university research projects and is currently an associated investigator for a local university dementia research project.

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