Holy Sh*t, You Can Sing Any Song to the Tune of 'Mr. Brightside'

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Photo credit: Brian Rasic - Getty Images
Photo credit: Brian Rasic - Getty Images

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It's been nearly 17 years since The Killers released their debut single, "Mr. Brightside." The song remains one of the band's best-known, most popular works, and is a karaoke mainstay to this day — but music lovers in 2020 just made a low-key mind-blowing discovery about the track.

Did you know that virtually any song can be performed over the backing track of "Mr. Brightside" and it will sound kind of amazing? Because TikTok does.

It started when TikTokker givemetheaux posted a video of themselves performing the iconic guitar intro from the song, and invited other users to make their own "duet" videos. Rather than singing The Killers, though, musician and TikTokker josmusic performed an early-00s sounding rendition of Taylor Swift's ballad "Love Story" over the guitar track. And it slapped.

Other users soon began to follow suit: spencelogan_ decided to pair The Killers up with another legendary group, and sang "Mamma Mia" by ABBA.

Meanwhile, fathudson reimagined "Replay," the electro-reggae fusion single by Iyaz, as an early 00s pop-punk ballad, and it worked surprisingly well.

Similarly, jaggiemomo took another early Taylor Swift bob, "You Belong With Me," and turned it into something that wouldn't sound out of place on a Blink-182 record.

Marcus Veltri, on the other hand, had a galaxy-brain take on the meme: claiming not to be the world's best singer, he opted instead to perform "All Star" by Smash Mouth on the melodica.

The 2003 anthem really is enjoying a whole new lease of life in 2020. Prior to these inventive and entertaining TikTok mashups, Killers frontman Brandon Flowers brought "Mr. Brightside" back into the cultural consciousness in March, when he demonstrated in a video on Twitter how singing the earworm of a chorus takes exactly the right amount of time for thoroughly washing your hands during the pandemic.

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