JoJo Siwa Is Officially Blonde Again After Temporarily Dyeing Her Hair Brunette Over the Weekend

Starr Bowenbank

From Cosmopolitan

  • JoJo Siwa dyed her blonde hair brunette.

  • She also ditched her signature high ponytail…again!

Update, June 30, 2020:

Welp, it looks like Brunette Jojo was only here for a weekend, y'all—sorry to burst your bubble. After Jojo made a big show of her new hair color, it turns out that it was only temporary!

On Instagram, Jojo posted a selfie of her with the signature blonde side ponytail and bow combo, writing "Brown hair was fun.... but blonde is my thing!!!"

Naturally, a bunch of people in the comments section were beyond confused and a little disappointed, but hey—it's Jojo's hair, and she can do whatever TF she wants with it!

Original Story, June 29, 2020:

It’s impossible to understand the enigma that is JoJo Siwa without knowing what her signature look entails: a blonde, hairline-snatching side ponytail adorned with a glittery hair bow (which is subject to change depending on her outfit). But now, it looks like JoJo’s tearing a page from Emily Ratajkowski’s book by drastically changing her signature hair color. In her case, she made the switch from a fun and playful blonde to a bouncy brunette. It’s one for the books, y’all!

This past weekend, JoJo showed off her brown hair on TikTok while lip-syncing Miley Cyrus’s “I Can’t Be Tamed” (easily one of the best songs in Miley’s catalogue, IMO). While the song slaps, it’s a very 👀 choice considering people have been comparing JoJo’s shift in aesthetic to Miley’s once Hannah Montana ended.

Anyway, here’s JoJo’s brunette hair in all its glory:

JoJo’s hair changes didn’t stop here though—she made another TikTok vid over the weekend where her side ponytail wasn’t front and center. Instead, JoJo wore her ponytail slicked back, no hair bows to be seen.

And on Instagram, JoJo poked some fun at her surprising hair decision, which shows that she’s leaning in to her brand-new look juuust fine.

View this post on Instagram

wait for it.....

A post shared by JoJo Siwa (@itsjojosiwa) on Jun 26, 2020 at 8:14pm PDT

JoJo hasn’t talked about what prompted the bold change quite yet. It could be a case of boredom, it could be for a role in a ~top-secret~ project, or maybe she was just tired of having to dye her roots over and over again. Who knows!

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