Holiday hack saves people who are terrible at wrapping presents

For people who decide to wrap holiday gifts, cutting the perfect amount of wrapping paper can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, for those times when the wrapping paper cut comes up just a little too short, TikToker Lindsay Roggenbuck (@lindsayroggenbuck) has a solution.

“For so many years, I always just cut an extra strip to put along the back, but let’s face it doesn’t look that great,” Roggenbuck notes.

As an alternative solution, Roggenbuck shares how simply turning the present diagonally to the wrapping paper can make it fit neatly inside. No extra cutting required.

“All you’re going do is turn your present so that it’s diagonal to the paper and then pull in the edges towards the middle and wrap as you normally would,” Roggenbuck explains in the original TikTok, which has received 6.8 million views.

“This one is so simple and no need to cut those extra strips to cover up the back,” she adds.

Roggenbuck told In The Know by Yahoo that she’s become a gift-wrapping pro by her experience wrapping gifts for her own kids.

“As a mom of little kids, I often have oddly shaped gifts to wrap so over the years I’ve learned tips like this and pulled inspiration from various places over the internet or family and friends,” she explained via email. “I wanted to put my own spin on them and share them with my followers who might run into similar situations when wrapping so that’s what inspired me to create the wrapping hacks series.”

Many commenters expressed their amazement and support for the hack.

“Why!!!!! Did I not know this!!!” @michelleontiktok exclaimed after watching the hack.

“I felt the exact same way when I learned this!! Game changer,” Roggenbuck replied.

“I tried this it works and I love the hack,” claimed @savy_hargreeves_edits.

What to watch out for when trying this hack

Despite the hack’s popularity, a few people warned that it doesn’t work in every wrapping situation.

“I’ve done this before and it works but once I didn’t angle it enough and so the box was still showing and I still had to use the extra strip,” noted @jessicamcgavern.

Roggenbuck also told In The Know by Yahoo that this is a tip you may need to come back to again and again because even she has to remind herself to use it while wrapping.

She said of the wrapping hack, “I am the queen of misjudging how much wrapping paper to cut! I love them all but this is the one I end up having to use most often!”

More holiday wrapping hacks

Roggenbuck has several other holiday wrapping hacks, such as how to wrap a mug in wrapping paper without a box.

She even shares how to DIY a smaller-sized gift box out of a lid for those instances when all you have are too-large options.

For a creative way to gift cash or gift cards, she recommends up-cycling toilet paper or paper towel rolls into DIY holders that can be wrapped with small pieces of wrapping paper or even leftover ribbons.

“It’s such a great way to use up your wrapping paper scraps,” Roggenbuck notes.

“Genius!” wrote @buffalocheckster.

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