Hold Up, How Old Is the Cast of ‘Work It’ Again?

Leah Marilla Thomas
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Photo credit: Elly Dassas - Netflix
Photo credit: Elly Dassas - Netflix

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Hollywood relies on a lot of stereotypes, but the worst one of all might be when the industry casts actors in their 20s and 30s to play high school students. I mean, am I supposed to believe a guy with a full beard is on the way to *his* AP bio class? No! It makes it easy to forget what actual teenagers look and act like. Netflix’s Work It is, unfortunately, not that different.

In case you haven’t smashed that play button yet, Work It is about a high school senior (played by Sabrina Carpenter) who tries to win a dance competition to get into her dream school. And yes, not a single member of the cast actually is a high school senior, but here’s what we’re looking at.

Sabrina Carpenter

Age in the movie: 17 or 18
Age IRL: 21

That’s honestly not that terrible of an age gap, especially since Work It was filmed in 2019, when she’d just turned 20. Unless you watched her play a high schooler on Girl Meets World back in the olden times of 2017, she’s believably a teen in Work It.

Liza Koshy

Age in the movie: 17 or 18
Age IRL: 24

Yeah…she may be teeny, but she’s not a teen! I’ll allow it but only because of tradition.

Jordan Fisher, who plays Jake Taylor

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Age in the movie: mysterious
Age IRL:

According to legend, Jordan’s character has been MIA for two years and lives in an apartment by himself. So he’s probably supposed to be in his early 20s…Jordan, fully a millennial, is pushing it—but come on! His charm makes up for it.

Keiynan Lonsdale, who plays Juilliard/Isaiah

Age in the movie: 17 or 18
Age IRL: 28

Keiynan is the only egregious casting choice in Work It when it comes to age, in my humble opinion, although I loved his performance and his character SO, so much. All that proves, though, is that Keiynan is very much ready to take on adult roles. Give him all the parts!!

Bianca Asilo, who plays Raven

Age in the movie: between 14 and 18
Age IRL:

A lot of the members of Quinn’s dance troupe in Work It are professional dancers IRL without a ton of acting credits or information about their ages online.

Tyler Hutchings, who plays Robby

Age in the movie: between 14 and 18
Age IRL:
also unknown!

I don’t want to go full creep and make too many assumptions from his IG, but based on pictures from prom and college move-in posted in the past three years, he’s probably only a couple of years removed from his character.

Drew Ray Tanner, who plays Charlie

Age in the movie: unimportant
Age IRL: 28

This one is a little harder to pin down. We don’t necessarily know how old Charlie is supposed to be considering he spends the whole movie taking off his shirt and selling mattresses. We don’t see him at school or anywhere else. But he’s hot, so we’ll include him in this roundup for your viewing pleasure! You’re welcome.

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