Hoda says she’s been ‘slacking’ on workouts lately. This 3-word mantra is helping her hit the gym

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Waking up early to exercise can be difficult, but Hoda Kotb has a three-word mantra to give us all the boost we need to drag ourselves out of bed.

On Monday, May 6, the TODAY anchor posted a video of her 3:30 a.m. trip to the gym on Instagram and shared an inspiring message for anyone who's hoping to kickstart their workout routine.

"OK, I've been slacking on my workouts lately 'cause there's no time, I keep telling myself. But you know what? I woke up and told myself today, 'Today's the day. Today's the day. Today's the day,'" she said in the short clip.

Hoda woke up so early for her workout that the entire gym appeared to be empty as she walked through it. Nonetheless, she seemed pumped to start her day off on the right foot.

"So we restart, OK? Let's do it. You got it. Get up and then think, 'Today's the day,'" she said.

Even if she was happy she did go to the gym, Hoda admitted that she's only human and initially wanted to stay home.

"I wanted to hit snooze, I really did. Glad I didn't. Alright, let's give it a go today. Go get 'em," she said.

After watching her video, Hoda's Instagram followers took to the comments section to thank her for the encouraging words.

"Love this for a Monday morning!!! 💪🏻," one wrote.

Another commented, "You got this Hoda! Thank you for the inspiration..you make such a positive impact on the life’s of others…thank you ❤️."

One Instagram user shared the following reaction: "Sometimes you say exactly what the little voice in my head is saying!"

During a recent episode of her podcast “Making Space,” Hoda also shared the tranquil morning routine she maintains to start her day off on a positive note.

During the episode, Hoda revealed that she likes to wake up an hour earlier than she needs to so she can meditate and write in her journal.

“And I do (a spirit) check. Like, ‘What does my spirit need today? What does my body need today?’” she said.

Everyone's mood differs from day to day, so Hoda said she also takes the time to figure out what she needs to do to nourish her mind, body and soul on any given day.

“Sometimes I need a manicure. Sometimes I need to walk in nature. Sometimes I need a break. Sometimes I need a hot bath,” she said. “I’ll write down whatever (I need) in that moment.”

Additionally, Hoda mentioned that she doesn't like to look at her phone when she first wakes up.

“I don’t check my phone or the news of the day or who won what — even sports — nothing until I’m done. Because I just feel like, you can open a gateway and the world comes rushing. It’s like, ‘I’m not ready yet. I need a minute,’” she said.

This article was originally published on TODAY.com