Hoda just revealed who will be her maid of honor

Hoda Kotb has at least one member of her bridal party picked out.

On Thursday, the TODAY anchor revealed that her sister, Hala Kotb, will be her maid of honor at her wedding, and we have a feeling that she'll do an amazing job.

Hoda broke the news during TODAY with Hoda & Jenna's "Unscripted" segment when TODAY social contributor Donna Farizan said a fan was wondering if she would have a maid of honor at her upcoming wedding.

"Yes, I would have a maid of honor. It will be Hala, my sister," she said.

"Of course it would!" Donna said. Jenna got all excited for the wedding at this point and said "Let's go ahead and get married, OK?"

"What is going on? It's so funny that that caught me so off guard," Hoda said.

"I don't mean us (getting married)," Jenna clarified.

Savannah and Hoda reveal how their sisters helped them through difficult times (TODAY)
Savannah and Hoda reveal how their sisters helped them through difficult times (TODAY)

Hoda went on to explain that the whole wedding planning process has felt a little strange since she had to postpone her original celebration due to the pandemic.

"You know what's weird is you plan something and you had it all in stone and then everything got uprooted and now we're planning it again and there's something weird. We're like 'We're doing it. Should we just do it this summer? Should we wait?' We don't know," she said.

Donna then asked Hoda if planning her wedding once again feels exciting and she said it’s a totally unique and bizarre experience.

“I actually think it feels different. You're in such a normal life that doing it, you just do it,” she said.

Jenna playfully encouraged her co-host to get moving on her wedding plans and said, “OK, well let’s just go ahead and do it! Just as long as I’m invited.”

Donna echoed her sentiments. “We can’t wait. Ditto,” she said.

Hoda first announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Joel Schiffman in November 2019 and the couple had originally planned to tie the knot in a beachside ceremony in August 2020. However, the pandemic intervened and the couple decided to reschedule the wedding to November 2020, a date that also got pushed back when coronavirus cases surged in the fall.

When the couple decided to postpone the wedding indefinitely, Hoda explained that she is excited to say "I do," but is perfectly happy with how her life at home with her fiancé and their two daughters — Haley Joy and Hope Catherine — is in the meantime.

"I'm going to be really happy to get married, and I'm also perfectly fine right now as we nest and do our things," she said.