Hilary Duff's Adorable New Kitten Is Getting Bullied on Instagram

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Actress, singer, author, businesswoman and mom-of three (soon-to-be-four) Hilary Duff posted an absolutely adorable Instagram story of her brand new kitten that she got with her husband Matthew Koma.

The video, posted February 4, introduces Moonstone and shows the sweet kitten purring and being ridiculously adorable, as kittens are.

Okay, this is one cute kitten. <p>Hilaryduff/Instagram</p>
Okay, this is one cute kitten.


Duff posted the absolutely adorable kitten to her Instagram stories and you can see his video right here. I am not positive what breed of kitten little Moonstone is, but he resembles The Selkirk Rex. Matthew Koma, as married couples do, shared the same story to his Instagram page with some rather unfortunate comments he received about Moonstone.

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Bustle reports, "“Ugly as f____!” one critic wrote to him. Koma didn’t appear to respond to the person directly, but in his story, he wrote, “Imagine spending your day bullying cats on the internet.”

Another screenshot showed a person asking Koma, “What the hell is that thing.” His response was straightforward: “It’s a cat,” he wrote.

What is wrong with people? Wait, don't answer that. people can be the absolute worst.

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A huge animal lover, Duff has adopted numerous dogs throughout the years and also has a pet Llama and some chickens. It's good that Duff and her husband seem to laugh these comments off because they are just ridiculous. Moonstone is the cutest and we congratulate this sweet family on their adorable addition.

Facts About Selkirk Rex Cats

Once again, I'm not positive that this is the kitten breed that Duff has, but it does look like it. Selkirk Rex cats have a dense, plush coat with both an outer and an undercoat, giving them a soft, curly appearance all over their bodies. There are other curly coated breeds, but these cats only have one coat. They don't require a ton of extra grooming, and the texture of their curly fur tends to resist matting.

The breed has a stocky and muscular body with big bones and large paws. The face often looks rounded and frequently appears to have large cheeks.

The cats are often said to be sweet, affectionate, and easygoing in nature. Although they are usually calm animals, this doesn't mean that they are passive. They are curious about what is happening around them and like to explore their surroundings.

Sounds like a perfect family pet to me!

To be totally honest, I don't think I've ever seen an ugly cat or dog, it's such a bizarre thing to say. I guess I'd consider a cat who went around eating other cats ugly, or a dog who bit a person's face off, but an adorable little kitten just being adorable? That's someone with way too much time on their hands. May I suggest using that time to spend volunteering at your local animal shelter or Humane Society instead?

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