Newlyweds make surprising find on camera roll after wedding party: 'Having a miserable time'

At one of my best friend’s weddings back in 2017, she (the bride) asked me to safeguard her phone so she wouldn’t have to worry about it on her big day. Surprisingly, elegant white dresses often lack pockets big enough to store an iPhone Pro.

And I, being an amazing friend, maintained her Instagram Story throughout the day, capturing the countless joyful moments the beautiful affair brought with it on social media. I am now, three full years later, realizing I absolutely failed her both as a friend and as a creative person.

Because had I used my brain for one second, I could have come up with a bit half as clever as the one Caitlin Jolley executed while on phone duty at the September 2019 wedding of her friend Eli McCann and his now-husband, Skylar.

Pictured: Eli McCann (left) and husband Skylar at their September 2019 wedding <br> Credit: Supplied
Pictured: Eli McCann (left) and husband Skylar at their September 2019 wedding
Credit: Supplied

“On my wedding day I gave my phone to a friend so I wouldn’t have a pocket bulge,” McCann shared on Twitter on Aug. 23. “She gave it back to me at the end and said ‘I took photos of people having an authentic time at your wedding.’ I thanked her for the thoughtfulness. A few hours later i checked them out.”

The results speak for themselves — dozens of images showing the newlywed couple’s relatives and loved ones having a miserable time.

Of course, the photos were just part of an elaborate prank orchestrated by Jolley herself, not a reflection of the vibe of the party, McCann assured In The Know.

“The wedding was delightful,” the 36-year-old attorney and writer said. “Our friends and family helped make the day just the best and least stressful party we could have ever hoped for.”

McCann, who met his husband in 2015, told In The Know that he doesn’t even remember making the decision to hand his phone over to Jolley during the big day.

“The morning was such a whirlwind and I must have handed it to her when we were posing for some photos with the photographer,” he recalled. “As we were getting ready to leave she found me and gave me back the phone, telling me she had used it to capture photos of people having an ‘authentic time.'”

Later that day, as Skylar drove the just-married couple home, McCann says he finally had a moment to scroll through his camera roll, which is when he discovered the hidden gems.

“I decided to look at the pictures, excited to see them as the photos from the photographer wouldn’t be sent to us for days,” he said. “As we started flipping through them, we just kept laughing harder and harder.”

“She managed to get nearly everyone there to pose like they were having a miserable time,” he added. “Our parents. Our nieces and nephews. Coworkers. Classmates. Neighbors. Everyone. It was perfect.”

There was even one of Skylar in the mix, looking just as blasé as everyone else.

When asked about the photos, McCann says Jolley simply replied, “I took some really authentic pictures. Everyone is loving your wedding and having a great time.”

Although I, myself, am simply in disbelief at the above display of wit, McCann says he “wasn’t surprised” his friend would pull such a stunt.

“She is one of the most clever and funny people I’ve ever met,” he told In The Know. “She’s also perpetually kind and uplifts everyone she meets. I’m not surprised her charm got all in attendance to comply.”

McCann met 30-year-old Skylar on Tinder in 2015, while the latter was browsing the dating app during a brief layover in Salt Lake City, where the couple now lives together.

“He was bored while sitting on the plane waiting to take off so he opened Tinder,” McCann shared. “I popped up, he swiped right, decided it was stupid to be on a dating app in a city he would never visit, and closed the app. I swiped right on him later that evening and sent him a message.”

Though Skylar was based in Madison, Wisc., at the time, the pair began calling each other several times a day and found themselves talking for hours on end. A month after they virtually met, Skylar invited McCann to be his date to a wedding in Cleveland, Ohio. He took a leap of faith and attended, and the two had an incredible time.

“After that, we started visiting each other as often as possible,” McCann recalled. “A year later, Skylar relocated to Salt Lake City. We got engaged in 2018, shortly after he started medical school down the street from our house.”

“Skylar is truly the best person on planet earth,” McCann gushed of his husband. “I honestly can’t believe we happened to meet each other — that I could have ever been so lucky.”

“Growing up as a gay dude in a very conservative place had its challenges,” he added. “Skylar somehow feels more like ‘home’ to me than any place I’ve ever lived.”

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