Hilarious Raccoon Is Adorably Destructive in Year-End Recap

Utterly destructive and utterly adorable.

TikTok account holder @LouieTheRaccoon has posted an epic and perfectly scored soundtrack to Louie's behavior throughout the year and we can't help but hope Santa was sympathetic and Louie got everything they wanted for Christmas. 

Just take a look at this adorably destructive darling and see if you think their wild antics are negated by how adorable they are! 

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If you're curious as to what it's really like living with a raccoon, @VeVee says, "You summed up raccoons in one video. Congrats! We raccoon people love the good bad and ugly. It takes special people to take care of them and love them and all their crazy antics." @Blacklistmafia says what we are all thinking with, "I need a whole family of raccoons!" 

TikTok user @Dianemessina289 comments what we all are thinking, with, "I know they made a mess but gosh they are cute." They really are! We'd be willing to put up with that mess for this amount of cuteness, and when @Smilepositivetoday asks "How is your house as clean as it is?" and the account holder replies, "Hi! I have two robot vacuums that stay on a lot!" it seems like a small price to pay for this level of cuteness, we all just need a few robot vacuums! 

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