Hilarious blogger gets real about big chest issues: 'We basically can't wear anything'

Hilarious YouTuber makes a viral video about big boobs. (Photo: Facebook/Tanya Hennessy)
Hilarious YouTuber makes a viral video about big boobs. (Photo: Facebook/Tanya Hennessy)

Being a woman with big boobs is a challenge — whether shopping for bras, bathing suits, or even everyday clothes — and Tanya Hennessy is here to talk about it. The Australian YouTuber and comedian posted a video on Monday, re-enacting the many scenarios that she deals with as a result of having big boobs. From difficulties in shops to having strangers confront her about the possibility of a breast reduction, her insights are hilarious and super true.

“I was just wondering if you have any bras in a double E?” Hennessy says in the opening of the video. “You do? How much are they? $900, excellent, can I have a look? Wow, it is beige and unattractive, isn’t it? I mean, that is the definition of practical.”

The exaggerated tone that Hennessy keeps up throughout the video is of course for comedic effect, but it reflects the actual struggles of women with big breasts. The first example reflects the simple truth that bras with extra fabric are that much more expensive. And if dealing with that extra expense weren’t enough, Hennessy tells Yahoo Lifestyle that big boobs are simply annoying.

“I guess my boobs are so big and annoying, I just had to make a video about it,” she shares. “I was also inspired by going bra shopping. When you have an E cup, it’s hell. Simple as that, I was inspired to make this ’cause I can’t stand how heavy they are and wanted to holla at my other big-boobed gals.”

And holla at them, she did. After posting the video to both her YouTube channel and her Facebook page, the comedian has garnered close to 930,000 views, with tens of thousands of women sharing their own reactions.

“This one spoke to me at a soul level, poor us!!” one person commented. Another woman pleaded with Hennessy to use her realness to make changes in the industry, writing, “Omg can you please start a campaign with bra and swim wear companies!!!!”

The viral response to the video has blown Hennessy away, as she admits to not realizing how relatable big boob problems are.

“I made it just ’cause that’s how I feel. I just didn’t know so many women felt as frustrated by their boobs as me!” she says. “Bloody big boobs!”

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