Hilaria Baldwin reveals that Alec got her '2 extra stand up freezers' to store breast milk: 'Nicest gift my husband ever got me'

Hilaria Baldwin has celebrated nearly a decade-worth of birthdays, holidays and anniversaries with husband Alec Baldwin, where the couple has likely exchanged a number of thoughtful gifts. Still, she’s sure that the best thing she’s ever received from him was two extra freezers for her breast milk.

“I’m a big pumper,” the 36-year-old mother-of-four tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I would store like 40 ounces a day of milk. The nicest gift my husband ever got me was two extra stand up freezers to store my milk, ‘cause I’m like a squirrel.”

Hilaria Baldwin reveals that Alec got her "two extra stand up freezers" to store breast milk. (Photo: Getty Images)
Hilaria Baldwin reveals that Alec got her "two extra stand up freezers" to store breast milk. (Photo: Getty Images)

Hilaria has long been open about her journey with motherhood while co-hosting a podcast called Mom Brain, and even opening up on social media about experiencing two miscarriages in 2019. Now, she’s talking about her decision to both breastfeed and bottle feed her babies as a result of her crazy schedule, and how Tommee Tippee’s breast-like bottles have helped her to do both.

In an Instagram post, Hilaria explained that she had gone back to work just six days after her first daughter, Carmen, now six years old, was born. But being away from her baby for work didn’t deter her from breastfeeding.

“I mean I’d have to bottle feed when I was at work or I’m at the gym and the baby’s hungry. Whatever it is,” she explains to Yahoo Lifestyle. “I’m so lucky to have a job where maybe I work for a couple of days and then I have a couple days off, or I work for half the day or something like that. I mean, it’s a very weird schedule that I have and I love it because I can work and feel like I have my career, and then I get to spend a ton of time with my kids. And then with breastfeeding, it’s great as well because I can be there a lot of the time, but if I’m not I don’t have to stress about it.”

Even when she decided to stop breastfeeding her youngest son, Romeo, she didn’t have to worry about running out of her milk supply because of the freezers Alec had bought her. “It was right around my first miscarriage, I stopped feeding Romeo from me in May and he had milk until now,” she says.

Although her children no longer need to be breastfed, Hilaria admits that she misses her “breastfeeding body.”

“First of all, you have these amazing boobs and it burns tons of calories. You get to eat a ton. So I loved breastfeeding body,” she boasts. “And then you stop breastfeeding, and you’re like, where did my boobs go? And yes, you know where they are? They’re at my waistband.”

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