Hilaria Baldwin on homeschooling during quarantine

Hilaria Baldwin comments on homeschooling during quarantine.

Video Transcript

HILARIA BALDWIN: I have to say it's really hard. The homeschooling thing is really hard because a lot of people can remember, like, doing homework with your parents wasn't always a great experience because you just interact with your parents differently than you do with a teacher.

A lot of it is figuring out what the teacher exactly wants us to do. And so they said, you know what? Even if he's not completing the whole piece of paper, just, like, have him, like, really get excited about one part. And if he feels, like, too much, then just, like, focus on the one part that he feels really excited about.

And I thought that was such a nice thing to hear because before I was like, oh my God. We have to complete all of this stuff every single day, and then the next day, same thing, whole new assignments.

So I really loved that advice. I think, you know, advice for people is that we're all doing this together. I think there was a fear-- that a lot of people expressed a fear that their kids are going to get behind. We're all in this together, so we're all going to be behind together.