Hiker Hailed a Hero for Rescuing Abandoned Little Ferret She Found on Trail

Ferrets are such sociable and charming animals and they form incredibly strong bonds with their owners, which is why it's so heartbreaking to think about someone abandoning one to fend for itself.

But that's exactly what happened in a forest about three hours away from Portland where TikTok user @Ericatofuanglin was taking a hike with her dog.

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I can't even imagine someone dumping this guy! Anyone who has ever spent time with a ferret knows how sweet and affectionate these little guys are. There's no difference between this and abandoning a dog or cat in the woods and expecting it to survive all alone. He's so lucky this sweet person came along at the right time.

You've heard of the cat distribution system, well @Carly makes an excellent comment with, "Danger noodle distribution system."

Here's another clip of this cute ferret now safe and sound.

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It's so sweet how he's curled up right against her all cozy and warm and napping. The best news of all? The hiker is happy to care for this baby for now and she has a new home all lined up for him!

It goes without saying, if you have a pet, any pet no matter how small, and you are unable to care for them, either find them a new home via friends, family or social media or surrender them to your local animal shelter. Don't just dump them off in the woods, that's animal cruelty, plain and simple.

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