Highland Cow Does Most Precious 'Happy Hops' at Snacktime

When you think of a cow, you probably don't imagine them jumping for joy anytime soon. But you'd be sorely mistaken, judging from a video shared online recently, which shows a Highland Cow in Tasmania having the sweetest reaction to getting a snack.

Who could blame the little guy for being just a bit cheerful that it was time to eat?

As the video from @highlandcow.planet.19 shows, the cow's owner got the best reaction when she walked over with some pumpkin for it to eat.

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"We have pumpkin tonight," she said from behind the camera. "How about some pumpkin, big boy?" she asked the Highland Cow, Rocko.

She then lead Rocko to an area where it was easier to get to him. And Rocko, being the smart cookie that he is, readily followed. In fact, the cow pretty much bounded over to the new spot and was so excited when its mama finally handed over the treat.

There's pretty much nothing that we wouldn't give to feed a happy Highland Cow some pumpkin on a warm evening. And it seems like the many commenters who wrote in also agreed. "Omg Highland Cow skippity hippity hoppies and the crompchie crumpches," gushed one person. "The way Rocko pranced to get his pumpkin!" another commenter cheered. "I love how excited he gets, just like a dog! They’re so beautiful!" praised a third person. "This little guy just hopping around enjoying his best life, so cute," another woman agreed.

Highland Cow Diet

Another major surprise in the clip was the fact that the cow was being fed pumpkin. Who knew that Highland Cows liked gourds?

Well the truth is that Highland Cows aren't really picky. That isn't to say that they'll eat anything, but basically if it has any sort of food value they'll give it a try. Their diet mainly consists of plants. If a Highland Cow is being raised for beef or milk, their owners may try and feed them a diet of good hay, straw, green feed or silage in the winter. Other owners may have special blends of their own creation; like only feeding their cows grass and hay, feeding the cows cereal grains, barley, wheat or corn silage, and some cow owners might even turn to peas and turnips for nutrients. A pregnant cows' diet might also be tweaked so that they'll receive more nutrients — as well as cows who are still caring for their calves.

It's all to say that while it's very likely that Highland Cows are eating pumpkin on the regular. The real question is do we think they're all as happy as Rocko was?

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