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High school student confronts principal over 'completely sexist' dress code: 'Stand your ground'

A teenager is being celebrated on TikTok for calling out her school’s dress code during an assembly.

High school student @anastasiaskits took the opportunity to voice her opinion to the school’s principal. While she received praise from her classmates and on social media, the male staff members at her school weren’t as responsive.

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“Why is this school so persistent on telling girls to cover up when really guys should just keep it in their pants?” she said.

“This school is so headstrong on telling girls to cover up their stomach and their shoulders when those things are all pretty natural.”

She explained that after talking to girls at school, it was clear that girls with larger cup sizes had their bodies policed the most.

“It’s completely sexist and biased and not OK,” she told him.

In a video with the principal’s response, he told the girls that they made the “staff uncomfortable” with their outfits and that the school was just following the policy. Another student challenged the principal about the comment, but then a staff member interrupted to change the subject.

TikTokers praised the young women for speaking out against the policy.

“My dad when I was younger told me it’s not the teenage boys they’re protecting me from its the male teacher and that has stuck with me since I was 14,” a user replied.

“The adults are sexualizing young women when they need to be focusing on their education. I’m so proud of you for raising your voice!” a person said.

“Wonderfully spoken! Stand your ground. You are not wrong!” someone added.

“If the staff is uncomfortable by what minors are wearing…then the school needs to hire new staff,” a user wrote.

“It’s crazy how they shut her down almost immediately they knew they slipped up,” another commented.

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