High Fashion Brand Turns Heads with Snowboard on Runway, Snowboard Brands Poke Fun

Moncler, an Italian luxury fashion house, held their Fall Winter 2024 fashion show a couple days ago in Switzerland. They describe their aesthetic for the show as "a beautiful clash of high style and high performance." The line includes full outerwear, helmets, goggles, mittens, and even snowboards. If you look closely, you will notice the stance on the snowboard is very unrealistic for what an actual snowboarder would use.

You better believe how the snowboard industry reacted once they got word of this. It is indeed a hilarious comment section. Read some of the top liked comments to get an idea and a laugh:

@gabe_lheureux "Back leg, so sore 15 front, -100 back"

@airtime_podcast "lol Born in the mountains? who that stance for 🤨"

@krugs_ "Let me know if you need an actual snowboarder"

@btoddrichards "You had one job…"

@lyonfarrell "It was definitely a “high” performance setting those bindings up."

@austinbsmith "Heavy lolz"

Personally, I think it is just funny and I also think it is a really cool fashion show. Maybe they should have googled how a real snowboard is set up, but whatever, they're just doing their thang, not our thang.

Watch the full fashion show here.

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