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Your Horoscope for the Week of March 24Hearst Owned

Overview: It takes two, or more! The lunar eclipse in Libra on Monday transforms your relationship with relationships and inspires you to find power with others. This is the first of two eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis this month, and it's definitely one of the most important moments of 2024. Pay extra close attention to the Libra-ruled area of your birth chart. Since this is the last lunar eclipse we’ll have in Libra for nine years, something is coming to a close so that a new concept can begin!

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Happy birthday, Aries! The lunar eclipse in Libra on Monday is trying to give you love. You're both giving and receiving love, especially with partners who challenge your expectations and or who aren't your usual "type." Consider how you can integrate reciprocity into your dynamics, especially where your challenges clash with their strengths and their proclivities conflict with your vulnerabilities.


Wellbeing is communal, Taurus. Monday’s lunar eclipse in Libra helps you cultivate health and wellbeing through your relationships. This eclipse reminds you that there’s no such thing as “self-help.” We don’t heal ourselves in isolation, but through and with others. That’s the crux of this work. Let yourself be supported and supportive of others.


Share the story of your heart, Gemini! The lunar eclipse in Libra on Monday is helping you share your feelings, thoughts, desires, hopes, and/or fears with others who need to hear it. You’ll want to lean on your bravery because this will require you to be vulnerable. Just know that no act of courage ever goes unrewarded by the universe. Express your truth and watch the magic happen!


Could “home” be people, not a place, Cancer? Monday’s lunar eclipse in Libra highlights that while home is often a space, it could also be social. It’s both! You’re tasked with experiencing your desire for home as a feeling of self-acceptance with your loved ones. When you accept and show who you are, then you get loved because of who you are, and that’s home.


It’s all about the delivery, Leo! A lunar eclipse in Libra on Monday teaches you how tone, body language, and word choice make all the difference. You’re asked to speak the truth compassionately AND clearly, so that the listener feels connected to the message, not defensive against it. When you can ensure that your messaging is nurturing and challenging, it’ll land with the right people.


Embodiment is essential, Virgo. Monday’s lunar eclipse in Libra invites you to connect to your somatic self. You’re one of the most embodied signs, and you’re using that strength socially. What does your body tell you about the people you’re connected to? Is it telling you to avoid, approach, or something else? Your body is the key messenger here, and it’s guiding you to safety in powerful ways.


Change is in the air, Libra! Monday’s lunar eclipse in your sign offers you one of the most transformative times, especially if you’re willing to let go of certain outcomes. This is a time of surrender, which isn’t giving up, but rather giving over to a larger purpose. From there, take inspired action to support you and all your loved ones.


That was then, this is now, Scorpio. The lunar eclipse in Libra on Monday helps you stay in the present moment. You’ve been living in three time zones—past, present, and future—and this eclipse is trying to help you concentrate on the present. Let go of worries from the past and stop trying to control the future. Just trust the present moment and be here now.


Ride or dies only, Sag! The lunar eclipse in Libra on Monday focuses your attention to your most loyal, loving friendships. It be an ensemble. It can be one person who loves and supports you in the toughest moments while holding a vision of who you can be. Remember to make sure you’re as equally supportive of your friends as you’d like to be supported by them—balance is key!


Relationship skills are the bottom line, Capricorn. Monday’s lunar eclipse reminds you that your competence is a given. What’s required of you now is connection and socialization. Demonstrating a level of care and concern for the betterment of others will advance you professionally in amazing ways. You know you care, but do they? Show, don’t tell!


It’s adventure time, Aquarius! The lunar eclipse in Libra on Monday helps you explore new schools and spaces so you can expand your horizons in big ways. If you’ve considered returning to campus and/or flying to new countries, this is the moment to step out of the norm and into novelty. Let curiosity and wanderlust take you to exciting places!


Turn up the heat, Pisces! Monday’s lunar eclipse in Libra puts more eroticism, sexuality, and fantasy in the air to help you take your relationships to deeper, more intimate places, especially with those you trust. This a time to take a bit of a leap and see who’s earned the right to have access to your stories and your sexuality in ways that help you reframe intimacy and connection.

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