An HGTV Star Tells How to Pack Like an Expert


Check out Scott McGillivray’s show, Income Property, on HGTV. (Photo: Scott McGillivray/Facebook)

As a real estate expert and the star and executive producer of the HGTV show Income Property, Scott McGillivray travels a lot. Yahoo Travel asked the pro packer to share some of his best tips.

1. A high-quality/lightweight suitcase is key.

“Unless my trip is several weeks long, I only travel with carry-on. I suggest picking a piece that’s as large as airline guidelines generally allow (remember domestic can be different from international) but also lightweight. And do yourself a favor — get one with the 360-degree wheels. They make running through busy airports and city streets way easier.”

2. Use a packing app.

"It helps keep me organized and from forgetting my phone charger!”

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3. If you can roll it, roll it.


Rolled clothes take up less valuable suitcase space. (Photo: Thinkstock)

“Don’t just roll your clothes, but also roll your clothes around other things to take advantage of every inch of space.”

4. Put your belts to work.

"Traveling for business? Need collared shirts? Since you can’t roll dress shirts, roll your belts and place them in the collars to keep their shape.”

5. Fold blazers inside out.

“Another unrollable item: blazers. If you can’t use a garment bag, folding blazers inside out is the next best option — it reduces wrinkling.”

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6. Stuff your shoes.


Use that space! (Photo: Thinkstock)

“Keeping your shoe count low is important in its own right, but don’t let the inside of those shoes go to waste. Stuff them with socks, belts, or anything else that’ll fit."

7. Just buy it there.

"Chances are you’re going somewhere where there are stores. And If you’re like me and not really picky about your toiletries, take advantage of hotel shampoos and body lotion, saving loads of space.”

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8. Pack clothes that do double duty.

“All your outfits should be able to mix and match — no excuses."

9. Use compression bags.

Similar to vacuum bags, these can up your space significantly, without the need for a vacuum. The concept is the same — less air used equals more space — but you can roll these instead of sucking out the air.

10. Leave the laptop.


Are you sure you need it? (Photo: Thinkstock)

"If you can travel without it, do! Laptops take up so much space and eat up tons of weight allowance."

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