Walmart Worker Attacked by Shoplifters Allegedly

A Walmart employee was viciously attacked by two would-be thieves after she foiled their shoplifting efforts. The woman held her ground and refused to allow the two suspects to leave the store with two packed shopping carts they had no intention of paying for.

Video footage of the incident shows how the employee refused to back down, even while being aggressively hit by the angry shoplifters. Here's what the footage shows.


Brazen Shoplifting

Video footage shows two would-be shoplifters heading for the store exit with two shopping carts, both full of stolen goods. One of the thieves is wearing a blanket on their head, presumably to protect their identity.


Hero Employee

The Walmart employee spots the two would-be thieves (they weren't exactly being discreet) and decides to intervene. The heroic worker places herself in between the two carts, grabbing onto each one and refusing to let go.


Violent would-Be Shoplifters

Clearly enraged, one of the would-be shoplifters retaliates with violence. Using a pack of plastic clothes hangers, the thief repeatedly hits the employee on the head in an effort to get her to release the carts. The worker refuses, and the thief hits her so hard the hangers come apart and scatter on the floor.


The Jig Is Up

The second suspect now approaches and seems to understand there is no winning this situation. They remove the blanket from their head and run out of the store. The would-be thief left behind decides to do the same thing, but not before attacking the employee with hangers again.


Viral Support

The video was posted on TikTok and has gone viral. "Walmart please give this woman a raise," the TikTok poster said. "Walmart need to let us know how they compensated this employee," said another commenter. "That is so heartbreaking 💔 She chose to sacrificed herself to say it's enough already. No one expect anyone to take a beating, but she had enough," said another.