Heroic Skiers Spring To Action As Boy Dangles From Chairlift

The video below shows a young skier dangling from a chairlift allegedly at Bogus Basin near Boise, Idaho earlier this season.

Watch as about a dozen heroic skiers spring to action to rescue the boy from what would have certainly been a serious injury.

Skip ahead to the 1:33 mark of the video to see him land safely:

It's unclear which lift this took place on at Bogus Basin, but it appears to be on one of the ski area's three high speed chairlifts.

Good on the bystanders for jumping to action so quickly. Whoever thought of using the chairlift pole cushion as a net deserves a medal.

Also, shout to the lift operator for slowly moving the lift to a spot where the child wasn't hanging as far above the ground. That was some A1 lifty work right there.

If you have a child who struggles to board the lift, just ask a lifty to temporarily slow the lift down. Everybody in line would prefer for your child to board safely at a slower speed than get potentially injured or killed.

Stay safe out there for the remainder of this ever-long season, friends!

Bogus Basin closed for the season on May 6th, 2023.

Bogus Basin Trail Map
Bogus Basin Trail Map

Bogus Basin Stats/Info:

Vertical: 1,800 ft.

Skiable Terrain: 2,600 ac.

Average Snowfall: 250 in.

Lifts: 10

Trails: 90

Snowmaking: YES

Night Skiing: YES

Mega-Pass: NO

Distance From Boise: 18 miles (42 minute drive)

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