Little Girl Dresses as Superman for School Picture Day, Becomes Hero We Deserve

Simone Olivero
This little girl’s dad approves of her outfit. (Photo: jaj1213/reddit)

Letting a kid pick out their outfit any day of the week is risky. But one brave parent let his daughter dress however she wanted on picture day — and it turned out surprisingly well.

“My daughter got to pick what she wore for her school pictures,” a father shared on Reddit of his little girl wearing a superman costume — complete with a cape — and carrying a large action figure of the DC character. “Daddy approves.”

The image quickly caught the attention of other Reddit users, gathering more than 700 comments in the first 24 hours of being posted.

“When she gets married you should Photoshop the husband’s face onto Superman,” said one commenter. “Your daughter and my son would be soulmates. His class picture is tomorrow and he has also chosen full Superman attire which is no different from his everyday outfit. She’s very cute. Cheers!” commented another.

Along with the picture, user kjaj1213 shared that he and his wife recently learned that his daughter is 75 percent deaf and how the whole family is currently in the process of learning American Sign Language. “She’s learning so much faster than us though! I love how much her learning sign has opened up her expressiveness and vocabulary it’s so heart warming to see her grow and become her self. We’ve started attending deaf groups and get togethers once a month and it’s helping her confidence is signing tenfold.”

While wearing a costume may seem a little unconventional for a school photo, nothing else matter when the end result looks this cute.

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