Here's why you shouldn't use makeup remover wipes

Makeup remover wipes have been dubbed the ultimate lazy hack for moments when “you just can’t get to the sink” to do your regular skincare routine. But it may be causing more problems than it solves. Dr. Tijion Esho, an Instagram “skinfluencer” and cosmetic doctor, posted a video on Instagram showing a close-up demonstration of what happens to your pores when you use makeup remover wipes. In the video, Dr. Esho holds up an orange and pumps a little bit of foundation onto it. After spreading the foundation evenly over the face of the orange, Dr. Esho uses a makeup wipe to attempt to remove the foundation off of the orange. While Dr. Esho does get a decent amount off the orange, he reaches a point where the makeup remover wipe can’t reach bits of foundation that has seeped into the orange’s pores. “…Your pores,” he captions the final image. “Love this demonstration,” someone commented. “Literally makes my toes curl when clients say they use wipes”