Here's Why The Rock — an Independent —Says He Endorses Biden and Harris

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On September 27, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson dropped a video on Twitter that sent shockwaves through the internet. No, it wasn’t a video of his hulking muscles, rock-hard abs, or unrealistically cut shoulders — nor was it the video of him ripping off the metal gate he had to tear through last week to get to work. Instead, it was a video of him doing something he had never done before (although it’s probably safe to assume that he had never ripped a metal gate off of a stone wall before last week, either.) No, this time, The Rock made his first-ever presidential endorsement, stepping into politics in a way he never has before. And who did he endorse? Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris. Johnson, who self-identifies several times throughout the video as an “independent” with “centrist views,” calls the election of the most important over the past few decades. But why did he endorse Biden and Harris, over incumbent President Trump?

He Cited Their Experience

In the over seven-minute video, Johnson interviews Harris and Biden and talks to them about why he’s giving them their endorsement. Right off the bat, he mentions both of their experience — Biden with decades of work in politics and obviously as the former Vice President, and Senator Kamala Harris, who has worked as a district attorney, the AG for the state of California, and as a Senator.

He Talked About Heart, Drive, and Soul

It sounds like for The Rock, it’s not just about the combined decades of administrative and political experience that both Biden and Harris share, but about how they’ve used that experience. He cited their compassion, heart, drive, and most importantly, soul. “And you and I had talked about that in the past and how important soul is,” he said to Biden.

The Rock Says Kamala Is a “Certified Badass”

“You’ve been an attorney, a district attorney, a state attorney, a US Senator. Smart, tough, I’ve seen you in those hearings. In my opinion, you’re a certified badass,” he said, noting that he was going to embarrass her a little bit.

He Believes They Can Earn the Respect of the American People

At the beginning of the video, Johnson mentions the death of his father, who passed away in January of this year. His dad, a wrestling great, had drilled into him the importance of earning the respect of everyone. He believes that Harris and Biden can earn the respect of the American people — and he also clearly believes that they actually want to, asking them how they plan on doing it and agreeing with their plans.

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