Here's Where 'Cobra Kai' Filmed Seasons 1 and 2

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Photo credit: Guy D'Alema
Photo credit: Guy D'Alema

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  • Now that Cobra Kai has made the jump to Netflix from YouTube Premium, viewers are finally discovering the magic of the Karate Kid's 34-years-later sequel series.

  • Viewers new and old might be wondering where, exactly, certain notable locations in the series were filmed.

  • Here's what we know about the Cobra Kai filming locations.

After about two years as a sleeper hit, Cobra Kai is a sleeper no more. The show has officially made the jump from YouTube Premium to the significantly larger audience of Netflix, and has instantly jumped to the top of the streaming giant's top 10 most watched shows (and they can feel happy that once they finish with Seasons 1 and 2, Season 3 is not too far behind). The series, which stars The Karate Kid (1984) stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, is full of everything viewers could want: nostalgia, action, comedy, drama—the works.

But viewers seeing California locales, karate dojos, and sprawling homes might take the thought to the next level, and wonder where exactly all this is taking place. After all, Hollywood magic can tend to be just that—just because a show or movie tells you something is in California doesn't necessarily mean it's in California.

Luckily, there are plenty of resources online to help determine where some of the most notable scenes in Cobra Kai are filmed, and what exactly was filmed where. Here's what we know about the Cobra Kai filming locations.

Where was Cobra Kai filmed?

According to IMDB, Cobra Kai was primarily filmed in Los Angeles, California, and Atlanta, Georgia. A site called Reel to Real does a great job pulling together deep dives on filming locations for shows and movies, and says that in addition to Atlanta, the series is also filmed in the Georgia cities of Marietta, Conyers, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, and Union City, while other California cities (aside from Los Angeles) include Reseda and Tarzana.

The Cobra Kai Dojo is actually located in Atlanta.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Viewers of the show might be wondering where, exactly, the Cobra Kai Dojo that Johnny Lawrence (Zabka) sets up in the show actually is. As it turns out, it's located in Atlanta, rather than the California locale the series depicts. A video below from Urban Shark Productions depicts the location. As Real to Reel notes, the interior of the dojo is filmed on a soundstage, but the exterior is filmed at this mall in Atlanta.

The LaRusso family home and LaRusso dealerships are actually located in Georgia, too.

While the series is set in Los Angeles and Daniel's family home is likely meant to be in a nearby suburb, the house is actually in Marietta, Georgia. Another Urban Shark Productions video details below:

Additionally, the Season 1 LaRusso dealership is located in Union City, Georgia, and the Season 2 dealership, while different from the one in Season 1, is also located in Union City.

Johnny's apartment is actually in Los Angeles.

In Tarzana, to be exact. Reel to Real points out that Johnny and Miguel's apartment building is one of the actual locations in the show to be actually filmed in California rather than Georgia.

The High School is in Atlanta.

Those still thinking about the dramatic Season 2 cliffhanger might be wondering where the high school where much of the show's action takes place actually is located. The answer? Like many other spots in the show, it's in Atlanta. But as you can see on Reel to Real, the Season 1 high school and Season 2 high school were actually two different Atlanta high schools.

The upcoming Season 3 Actually Filmed in Okinawa.

Just like in The Karate Kid Part II, it's been teased that the third season of Cobra Kai will find Daniel returning to Okinawa—but with one major difference; he's actually going to be in Okinawa this time. In Karate Kid Part II, the scenes said to be in Okinawa were actually filmed in Hawaii—Cobra Kai Season 3 did its filming in real deal Okinawa, Japan.

"Karate Kid Part II may have taken place in Okinawa, but it filmed in Hawaii," co-creator Jon Hurwitz wrote in a Tweet. "Daniel LaRusso's first real trip to Okinawa will be in @CobraKaiSeries Season 3. :) Let's hope it doesn't rain the entire time!" Tweets from Hayden Schlossberg, another co-creator of the show, suggested that the production went to Okinawa for about a week.

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