Here's Where Ari And Dorothy's 'Ship Stands After 'Bling Empire: New York'

Here's Where Ari And Dorothy's 'Ship Stands After 'Bling Empire: New York'

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Netflix’s newest hit series, Bling Empire: New York, pulls viewers into the fascinating world of uber-wealthy New York City socialites as they navigate their luxe lives. Of course, there’s plenty of amazing fashion, jaw-dropping real estate, and cool parties to check out.

But the show makes it very clear from the start that it’s centered around the journey of Dorothy Wang, who is a newbie in the city.

Dorothy, who starred in the original Bling Empire in Los Angeles, brought the cameras with her when she moved to The Big Apple. At the beginning of the spinoff show, Dorothy points out that she’s “single and ready to mingle,” but that can't last forever. In fact, she ends up dating a guy named Aristidis “Ari” Kourkoumelis by the end of the season. Of course, people have *lots* questions about their 'ship.

But before getting into all of that, there are some basic questions to tackle. Like, for example, who is Ari anyway, and what’s his net worth? (You know you’re curious…). Here’s the deal:

Ari is a pretty regular guy.

Dorothy's new man lives in New York and his family has a produce market and juice bar, United Brothers Fruit Market, in Astoria, Queens.

Ari seems pretty close to his family—he actually met Dorothy while he was on a birthday trip for his mom (cute!) in the Bahamas.

He also just seems like a nice guy. “He’s like a little sweet angel,” Dorothy said of Ari at one point.

Ari is a lawyer.

But Ari isn’t just a lawyer—he’s a partner at Kourkoumelis & Fotopoulos PLLC in Queens County, New York, according to his LinkedIn profile. He founded his very own law firm in 2021 and, before that, he worked at a little place known as the United State Department of Commerce. Casual!

He grew up in Astoria, Queens.

Ari didn’t just take Dorothy to Queens on a date—he’s actually from the area. In fact, he’s a first-generation orthodox Greek American who was born and raised around Queens, according to The Cinemaholic.

He went to Columbia Law School and Adelphi University.

Ari has had quite the prestigious educational background. For starters, he graduated magna cum laude from Adelphi University, before heading to New York Law School for his J.D. (he also graduated magna cum laude there).

Finally, he got his L.L.M. (a Masters of Law) degree from Columbia Law School, where he graduated with honors, according to Go, Ari!

Dorothy and Ari meet in the Bahamas.

As the show reveals, these two meet when Dorothy heads out to the Bahamas on a group trip. Dorothy and Nam Laks end up partying with Ari and some of his pals and actually stay behind to spend more time with them when the rest of the group flies back home.

When Dorothy got back to NYC, she reconnected with Ari, and the two spent some time together. By the time the season wrapped up, Dorothy said the two were still talking.

Are Ari and Dorothy still together?

Dorothy spoke a few times on the show about how she didn’t really know where things were headed with Ari, noting that they never had a "status" talk. She also had concerns about their different backgrounds.

That said, it’s really hard to know if these two are still together. Ari has never shown up on Dorothy’s Instagram account, and his account is set to private. So if they are still a ~thing~, they seem to be keeping it pretty low key.

ari dorothy bling empire new york
Ari and Dorothy on Bling Empire: New York.Netflix

What is Ari’s net worth?

Great question! Since Ari is so private, it’s hard to know for sure. However, says that the average New York City law firm partner makes between $219,926 and $318,202. While that probably doesn't quite put Ari in the same ballpark as the rest of the Bling Empire cast's net worths, it's definitely a nice chunk of change.

Tune in to Bling Empire: New York on Netflix to watch Ari and Dorothy hit it off in real time. And stay tuned for more 'ship updates!

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