Here's How To Watch 'Big Brother' Season 25 If You Don't Have Cable

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Big Brother is officially back for its 25th season, airing live on CBS. Long-time host Julie Chen Moonves returns this summer, walking us through all of the hilarious, insane and shocking things the contestants are up to this season. Since the show began in 2000, many households have cut cable, which may lead you wondering: can I still watch without it? Luckily, CBS has teamed up with a few streamers so you can still watch without cable or catch up if you don't have time to tune in three nights a week.

Is Big Brother on Any Streaming Services?

Season 25 premiered on August 2nd with a 90-minute special kickoff. New episodes drop every Sunday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET. During this time, you can stream the show live on DirecTV Stream, fuboTV, and Paramount+ with Showtime. PlutoTV also offers a 24/7 live stream, giving you unlimited access to the Big Brother house. If you're looking to stream the show, you can expect new episodes to drop on Paramount+ the day after they premiere on cable. If you have an over-the-air HD antenna, you should be able to tune in live to your local CBS station.

Paramount+ also has the previous 24 seasons available to stream now. Hulu and Netflix won't have the newest season, but you can stream seasons three and seven on Hulu and seasons 10 and 14 on Netflix now. Now all you have to worry about is picking the right contestant to root for!

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