Here's Twitter Spiraling Over Dominic West Being "Too Hot" to Play Prince Charles

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Is Dominic West Too Hot to Play Prince Charles?Netflix/Getty

Hello to everyone who is watching The Crown and finding themselves inexplicably attracted to Prince Charles. You're not alone, and your confusing feelings are likely the result of Charles being played played by Dominic West, man who looks like this in his free time:

Despite a valiant effort to channel Prince Charles's mannerisms, Dominic West simply cannot help his own charisma, and fans have officially dubbed him "too hot" to play Charles. As one viewer noted on Twitter, "You can absolutely tell that Dominic West is too hot to play Prince Charles because during the re-enactment of the tampon call it wasn't totally cringe I was like wait, he's making some interesting points."

And as another wisely put it, "Did Charles cast Dominic West? Because this is a Herculean reimagining of what that man looked like at this time in his life."

FYI, Dominic was asked about being too hot to play Prince Charles by Variety, and he said in response, "Well I think there’s something in that, you know. I’ve had worse." Meanwhile, his costar Olivia Williams (who plays Camilla Parker Bowles) added that production "will just have to try and suppress how very deeply hot we are for season 6."

They can try! Anyway, Dominic also talked about being "extremely hesitant" to take on the role of Charles, saying, "It was daunting playing a character I’ve never done before who’s still alive and one who’s so high profile that everyone knows how they look and how they sound." He added that everyone has "made an opinion about that character in the period that we’re talking about," and there are "all sorts of reservations, as you can imagine, and I think ultimately, though, as an actor you live for great parts with great people and great writing. And this had all three, which is quite rare."

Kay! Will leave you with this:

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