Here's When To Shop At Aldi To Get The Best Deals On Meat

discounted meat from Aldi
discounted meat from Aldi - Kathy Tuttle Justice

While Aldi is known for cheap prices on groceries and other goods, some shoppers are dedicated to scoring even bigger deals from the chain with a few key tricks. This is especially true when it comes to selections of beef, chicken, and seafood, which tend to be among the more expensive items found at the grocery giant (even though the store's meat selection is still very affordable). According to a Reddit commenter who claims to have once worked at Aldi, it's common practice for stores to reduce meat prices on Sunday nights, meaning customers could score their favorite picks for much lower prices when shopping at that time or early Monday.

However, the Redditor went on to say that the chain's marked down practices could be a bit more sporadic because meat prices are also reduced according to the sell by date (a product might be marked down about two days prior to the date listed on the package). And if the item doesn't sell, the store may set the food aside to be donated. Keep in mind that sell-by dates are not the same as expiration dates, as the former indicates how long food should remain on shelves to be purchased by customers, so it's still safe to eat — and can be a great deal.

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How's The Meat Quality At Aldi?

Aldi storefront
Aldi storefront - Jetcityimage/Getty Images

Lots of Aldi products are noted for their quality, and the chain takes great strides to include only great products in its private label selection. However, opinions vary when it comes to selecting meats from the grocery stores. Another Reddit thread dives into the topic of Aldi meat quality, with some shoppers expressing concern that meat purchases often became unpalatable well before the expiration date. Another person claimed they avoided meat at their location due to its strange appearance, stating, "The pork is almost neon pink."

Despite these complaints, lots of other shoppers have nothing but great things to say about Aldi's meat selection, as well as the quality of the store's seafood. "The fresh salmon, fresh trout, and the frozen Ahi, scallops, and tiger shrimp are all very good," said one regular shopper, who also praised the chain's chicken breast and thighs. Another Redditor also highlighted the store's flexible return policy, which allows customers to return private label goods for a refund, while receiving a replacement. Additionally, the commenter said that you could also secure a refund through customer support in the event you're unsatisfied with a meat purchase.

Other Ways To Save At Aldi

cart filled with groceries at Aldi
cart filled with groceries at Aldi - Buffalo Dietitian

Among the many products included in Aldi Finds, which is a selection of can't-miss items that change from week to week, shoppers can often find meats within this assortment. You can check the current Aldi Finds available at your closest location by visiting the store's website each week. The chain also posts next week's Finds on the site, too, so that shoppers can plan ahead and pick up favorite items while supplies last.

While Aldi doesn't offer coupons or a rewards program like other grocery stores, they do offer amazing deals within weekly ads, also posted on the website. Along with produce, frozen foods, and specialty goods, customers can find a wide selection of meats at affordable prices within the circulars. Like Aldi Finds, ads change from week to week. Along with checking the website, you can also sign up for Aldi's newsletter to never miss a great deal on meat and other products.

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