Here's what 'Shark Tank' star Daymond John bought during quarantine

Daymond John is known around the world as a highly successful business man as well as host and executive producer of ABC’s "Shark Tank." He has invested in over 60 businesses to date on the show, including the wildly popular Bombas Socks, and viewers can’t get enough of his no-nonsense attitude and biting sense of humor. So what has the Emmy-nominated TV personality been buying during the pandemic? Everything from work-from-home essentials and virtual board games to backyard accessories he says make him feel like he’s on vacation. Watch the video above to see what else Daymond John has been obsessed with during quarantine.

Video Transcript

DAYMOND JOHN: Here's what I've been buying in quarantine.


One thing I'm absolutely obsessed with is bug zappers, because I live in the country and these mosquitoes are vicious. I've been doing all kinds of things, spraying this, planting lavender, planting this. But the bug zappers, they're the best. I have probably about 20 of them.

So you know, I've been working, you know, as everybody on Zoom everything else. So the tripods have been absolutely irreplaceable. I probably have about 30 tripods here and they all hold something different, iPad the bigger phone, the smaller phone, the papers, everything, and the lights.

So I love Monopoly, but now I can't play with friends. So you know, I'm that person 1 o'clock in the morning playing with strangers. And online Monopoly I get to do my negotiations right here.

The weather has been incredible. And I've been able to enjoy being home and just grilling and outside with my family and friends. And where I grew up in my neighborhood, the person who was behind the grill is the closest you will ever get to royalty. So I make sure that I stand behind the grill after 6 o'clock.

Now, I'm going to be looking for similar products on Shark Tank.