Here's How 'RHOC' Star Heather Dubrow Can Throw $36,000 Sushi Parties On The Reg

Here's How 'RHOC' Star Heather Dubrow Can Throw $36,000 Sushi Parties On The Reg

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Five years later, Heather Dubrow, 52, is back on The Real Housewives of Orange County—and better than ever. Fans of the show will remember that Heather's exit was timed around the construction of her latest home. Now, her house has had almost more screen time on season 16 than the housewife herself.

From its massive movie theater to the $36,000 sushi parties Heather hosts inside, her sprawling Cali estate is a work of art. But you can't help but wonder: How does she afford it all?

While most of Heather's net worth comes from her husband, famed plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow, 63, she has quite a few of her own side hustles. Here's everything to know about Heather Dubrow's net worth:

Before she met Terry, Heather was an actress.

Heather's acting career started back in 1991, when she starred as Suzi in one episode of the television series Baby Talk. Later, she would appear on Married with Children and Life with Roger, among other shows. Eventually, she worked her way up to playing Lydia DeLucca in That's Life.

Heather still makes the occasional appearance on television—she recently starred as Marisa in the show Sequestered. It's unclear exactly how much Heather earned throughout her career as an actress, but her paychecks were probably pretty significant.

And, she currently has her eyes set on the stage. “I’d love to do Broadway. That’s like on my ‘bucket list,'” Heather told Amy Philips on Radio Andy.

Now, she makes a hefty sum as a housewife.

Since then, Heather has largely traded scripted jobs for her infamous role on The Real Housewives of Orange County. She first became a housewife in 2012, and by the time she left the show four years later, she was earning $300,000 per season, according to Editor Choice. (Not bad.)

“My family’s in a different place," Heather said of her decision to return to the show. "My kids are a little bit older. The pandemic has sort of given me a different perspective on things. And then I started thinking about, ‘How many times do you get to go back and try something again?'" she shared on her podcast, Heather Dubrow's World.

There's no telling how much money Heather accepted to return for season 16—or, at least, not yet.

But most of Heather's net worth comes from her husband, Terry.

Even if you're not a Housewives fan, you may have heard of Heather's husband, plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow. He stars alongside Paul Nassif (RHOBH alum Adrienne Maloof's ex-husband, in case you're curious) on the hit television show Botched, where patients ask Terry and Paul to fix their cosmetic surgeries gone wrong.

The show is in its 7th season and still going strong. Rhinoplasties, breast augmentations, implant mistakes—there's almost nothing the pair can't fix. But obviously, their services don't come for free.

A consultation with Dr. Dubrow costs $365, Showbiz Cheat Sheet reported. As for the actual appointment, be prepared to empty your wallet. "It takes longer so if you’re looking toward what would normally be charged by revision specialists. I mean some of these procedures could be $90,000 or $100,000 out in the real world," Terry explained on one episode of Botched.

“Because we’re doing more than one body part, extraordinarily difficult problems and sometimes we have these synthetic materials that have their own individual costs associated with them. So the procedure, revisional surgery of the type we do, would vary between $30,000 to probably $90,000 or $100,000," he added.

But if you're lucky enough to make it on the show, you might not have to pay anything. "The patients on Botched get an appearance fee and their costs are handled by the show," Terry told Distractify.

Heather and Terry have also started plenty of side projects together.

The duo have written three books together: The Dubrow Diet, The Dubrow Keto Fusion Diet, and Dr. & Mrs. Guinea Pig. While the first two focus on low-carb meals, the third is a list of Heather and Terry's favorite anti-aging treatments.

The books all have hundreds of rave reviews on Amazon, suggesting they've sold thousands of copies (and made the Dubrows plenty of cash). Heather also hosts her own podcast, Heather Dubrow's World, as well as a YouTube channel. It's possible that these also make her some revenue through advertisers and affiliates.

Recently, Heather also collaborated with Shop HQ to design a capsule collection of dresses and accessories, according to Bravo. (Which means, yep, even more sales.)

Next, the pair are set to appear together in a brand new series.

Heather and Terry's next project will finally bring them to the same show. The couple are set to produce The Seven Year Stitch, which Heather describes as "taking couples who are in that precarious seven year-ish mark" and "doing internal, external makeovers on them," she told Nicki Swift.

"There's a cool twist, which I can't tell you, at the end of the show, but it's fun. It's funny. It's heartwarming. It's sad. I mean, it's everything you can possibly imagine. And we're really excited about it. I don't know if I'm allowed to say, but I know we have an air date," Heather added.

And, the Dubrow mansion is worth tens of millions of dollars.

The "Dubrow Chateau," as the couple refers to their 40,000-square-foot estate, includes a 22,000-square-foot home, an in-ground pool, a trampoline, and more. The couple built the $21 million home themselves and documented most of the process in older RHOC seasons.

Flash forward to season 16, and Heather gave some of her fellow co-stars the full, breathtaking tour. But designing the home wasn't easy for Heather and Terry: “The last house we built, I had some input,” Terry told Architectural Digest.

“With this house she said, ‘Here’s the deal. I’m going to build this house, but I don’t want to hear anything from you at all.’ And so that was the rule," he explained.

Heather designed the interior herself, adding plenty of fancy features to make it feel like home. There's a towel-warming drawer, a massive glass window etched with tree branches and one bird for each of the couple's four children, and even a top of the line ice maker (it pumps air into the ice so it doesn't hurt Heather's teeth, ICYMI).

There's even a Champagne button in Heather's walk-in closet that rings a bell in the kitchen when she presses it. “Terry goes, ‘Who’s bringing you the Champagne?’ I’m like, ‘You? I don’t know,’” Heather said in another Bravo interview. (The bubbly comes from a wall of Veuve Cliquot in Heather's kitchen, which costs $12,000 to stock, per Bravo.)

Speaking of Heather's closet, it's filled with designer items of all shapes and sizes—but mostly Chanel. Heather boasts a collection of over 50 Chanel purses, she shared in a recent closet tour video:

Just tell me already: what is Heather Dubrow's net worth?

Heather's net worth totals a whopping $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. (FWIW, that's hers and her husband's fortunes, combined.)

That's ten times what RHOSLC's Mary Cosby and RHOBH's Erika Jayne are worth. And, it's more than double her co-star Shannon Beador's net worth of $20 million. Heather actually ties with Dorit Kemsley from Beverly Hills—but neither of them compare to newbie Kathy Hilton's gigantic $350 million estate.

It definitely pays to be a housewife!

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