Here's a List of All the Products an Editor Actually Buys at Sephora

I love skin care; it's been a critical part of my self-care routine, especially these past few months. It's something I can control that makes me feel good about myself. There are so many launches and new products that I'm always trying out as part of my job at POPSUGAR, and it's one of my most favorite aspects of what I get to do. There are plenty of people who have long, complicated beauty rituals, and while I think you should do whatever makes you feel good, my personal routine is pretty minimal. Every couple of months, I need to stock up on my products, and today, I'm taking you inside my Sephora shopping cart.

These are the eight products I'm currently ordering. Some are old favorites, some are new launches, but they're all things I actually need and plan to use in my daily routine. If you're curious about what editors actually buy over and over again, keep reading to shop my picks.

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