Here's How to Lay Your Edges, According to 3 Celebrity Hairstylists

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Laying your edges is an art form. If you’re in need of evidence, just look at Alicia Keys’s bedazzled swoops at the 2020 Grammys, Ella Mai’s face-framing tendrils, Laura Harrier’s delicate flowers designs, or RiRi’s seamless swoops. Slicking down your baby hairs may seem pretty straight-forward, but for many people (like me) it’s a challenging task that often ends with an overly gelled hairline and edges that resemble a sad crimp.

To learn all the tricks of the trade, we talked to three celebrity hairstylists on how they lay and style the edges of their star-studded clientele.

Celebrity clientele: Rihanna, Lizzo, Normani

“The ORS Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion is the first thing that I use [on dry edges]. I just put that around the hairline to give it moisture, brush it in, and then I'll go in after with a little bit of the edge control. I love My Dna All Day Long Edge Gel - X4 Natural Olive Oil. They have it in different shades so you can cover up grays if you have [them], and then they have a darker shade that can make the hairline look a lot fuller.”

“After that I just create my design and then incorporate it into whatever hairstyle with [one of] my toothbrushes. The bristles are super fine, it's really soft on the hairline, and they have a ball point on the end so you can create separation in the baby hairs, almost like how a rattail comb would be.”

“Once you get a desired style, I'll use a little light holding spraying, just kind of mist around the hairline and then tie it up [with a scarf] to lock it in.”

Pro-tip: "Stay away from any products that have a lot of alcohol. That's going to dry out your hair."

Celebrity clientele: Alicia Keys, Tracee Ellis Ross, Logan Browning

“[To start], the hair must be dry in its natural state. All of the hairline is fair game for baby hair. However, I tend to prefer using the most delicate pieces of the hairline to create baby hair. That’s simply because I enjoy tiny details versus so much ‘in your face’."

“My favorite tool for laying edges is a toothbrush and a metal tip comb. The toothbrush creates a smooth lay and shape while the metal tip comb defines the perfect shape. My long time favorite edge control is Hicks. Since the release of Pattern Beauty Edge Control, I’m completely obsessed. It's a must have.”

“The biggest tip for all day hold is to use your favorite diffuser to dry the baby hair in place. I also recommend tying the edges down with a scarf. When applying embellishments to your baby hair, only use clear lash glue. ”

Pro- tip: “[Never] do [your] baby hairs after applying makeup. If you apply makeup first, then tons of residue will reside in the hair."

Celebrity clientele: Kehlani, Ryan Destiny, Ella Mai

“Start with [dry], fresh edges. Take a molding paste along with a spoolie and apply the paste to your edges. Then, take the spoolie and create a swirl/swoop motion, sweeping the hair into the hairline. Usually, I top the edges or baby hairs off with a good hairspray. Lately, I’ve been using OGX Beauty’s Multi-Benefit Hairspray. It’s a lifesaver!”

Pro-tip: "Please, please, please don't ever cut your hair to create baby hairs. I’ve been seeing it a lot lately and it just doesn’t make sense!"

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