Here's What a Grueling 10-Hour, 10,000-Calorie Workout Did to This Guy's Body

Philip Ellis
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Photo credit: The Unlazy Way - YouTube
Photo credit: The Unlazy Way - YouTube

From Men's Health

While preparing for the Ultraman endurance challenge, Jonne from The Unlazy Way on YouTube intensified his training with an intense, physically exhausting triathlon-inspired workout. This day-long gauntlet consisted of 2 hours of swimming, 5 hours of cycling, and 3 hours of running. All in all, he estimated that he would be burning more than 10,000 calories throughout the 10 hour challenge.

Jonne keeps his body fueled with energy gels and drinks during the swim, and then energy bars and fruit during the cycling portion of the workout. Not to mention several liters of water, of course.

"I'm actually pretty nervous about this workout," he says. "I think the swim is going to be a breeze, the bike is going to be pretty easy, but after all that, the run is going to be pretty tough, probably."

He completes a 5,400-meter swim in 1 hour 37 minutes, and then rushes from the lake to the road to take on the next event; cycling. "I'm not aiming for maximum effort here," he says. "Instead, I'm aiming to maintain a low intensity, and build that aerobic endurance, and perhaps most importantly, I'm trying to adapt my body to being on the move for a long, long, long time. That's key if you're doing an Ultraman. It's not the one who's the fastest that wins, it's the one that slows down the least."

And finally comes the run. "I'm getting quite fatigued at this point," he says. "It's been quite a long day."

It's dark by the time he finishes the running portion of the challenge, 13 hours and 10,000 calories after he first started. "I'm exhausted, my shin hurts, my left knee hurts, I'm extremely hungry and thirsty, and I learned that I'm going to need way more nutrition for a long workout or event like this, especially for the Ultraman. The last 5 km were rough."

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