Here's How the 'Fellow Travelers' Team Filmed THAT Sexy Foot Scene

jonathan bailey matt bomer fellow travelers cuddle after sex scene
jonathan bailey matt bomer fellow travelers cuddle after sex scene

Fellow Travelers is diving in head – or rather, foot – first.

The series premiere of Showtime’s Fellow Travelers is now streaming on Paramount+ and just one episode in, it’s already one of the sexiest shows of the year.

In the first episode, we meet Hawkins Fuller (Matt Bomer), a pragmatic and detached Washington insider who has put his career ahead of his personal desires. He then meets the young and optimistic Tim Laughlin (Jonathan Bailey), who changes his ideas of what’s important and how he wants to live his life.

The series premiere debuted on Paramount+ this past week, and already in the first episode, there’s a sex scene that has the internet buzzing.

In the scene, Tim comes up to Hawk at his apartment, asking the older man if he can be his plus one to an exclusive DC party. At first, Fuller is reluctant. It’s a Washington, DC party and they’re two single men. But soon, Tim is sitting in Hawk’s lap, and starts seducing him.

When Tim starts to pull on Hawk’s boxers, he pushes him down, saying “not yet” and calling him his “boy.” He then pushes him down with his foot, guiding Tim to pull off his sock and seductively suck on his foot.

“We really exercise this mantra of ‘Who has the power?’ You would think that Hawk has the power, we’re in Hawk’s apartment. Tim turns the table on him and seduces him,” executive producer Daniel Minehan, who also directed the first two episodes, said to Variety about the dynamics in the scene.

“This is where the power dynamic keeps flipping,” he said “In the end of the scene, Tim, who was at a disadvantage, clearly got what he wanted. In reality, they probably both wanted the same thing.”

It’s one of the sexiest scenes in any television show this year. But, there’s also a funny backstory to the sexy scene. Just two days before filming the scene, Bomer stubbed his toe and thought it was broken.

“He had a big bandage on his toe. I said, ‘Well why don’t we put the other toe in Johnny’s mouth,'” Minahan revealed. “And then of course, in between takes, we would wash his feet. You have to think those kinds of things, especially poor Johnny, he had to do that scene a number of times.”

With the first episode going this hard with sexy content, we can’t wait to see how deep the rest of the episodes will go. Episode 2 starts streaming on Paramount+ on November 3.