Here's Everything We Know About Season 3 of 'Love Island'

Joshua Ocampo
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Photo credit: Adam Torgerson
Photo credit: Adam Torgerson

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This article contains spoilers from the second season of Love Island.

We get it—you're starved for entertainment in the form of hot singles mingling on an island. Fortunately, season two of the hit Love Island USA is currently underway, and we're witnessing our hopeful contestants pair up in real-time. There's Jason and Moira, our current frontrunners for the best couple on the island who share a love of cuddling and saying the word 'wow' a lot. Then there's Connor and Mackenzie, Barbie and Ken dolls come to life who seem like a fairly good pair, based on looks alone. Of course, we also have Carrington, who just can't seem to find the right one despite his overwhelming self-confidence. Guess confidence can only get you so far.

While we're weeks away from finding out the fate of our couples, you might already be wondering about the next season of the show. After all, nothing's better than watching romance blossom and later fizzle out just as quickly and in a spectacularly trashy fashion. Here's the status of the possible next season of our favorite social experiment ever.

Photo credit: Adam Torgerson
Photo credit: Adam Torgerson

Is there a season three?

We wish. There aren't any official announcements regarding a third season of the show, though it may or may not be looking great thus far. Ratings for the second season's first few episodes have dipped pretty majorly as compared to those of the first season. (We'd venture to guess a season filmed entirely on lockdown and on a Las Vegas hotel rooftop may have rubbed off the sheen of the show's appeal.) If there is a next season, you can pretty much count on it to premiere in August 2021.

How can I get casted?

If you're willing to put your love life on camera for millions of people to watch, your best shot is to bookmark the production company's casting site. (And if you do get on the show and make it big, please don't forget about us.)

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