Here's Everything To Know About 'RHOBH' Star Dorit Kemsley's Huge Net Worth

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Dorit Kemsley, 45, and her husband Paul have been fixtures of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ever since they showed up five years ago (that's back in season seven, for everyone keeping track!). From their many business ventures to Dorit's passion for fashion, the Kemsleys fit in with the rest of the cast right away.

On the show, viewers have had plenty of glimpses into Dorit and PK's (as Dorit affectionately calls him) lavish lifestyle. But, she and PK have also had their fair share of financial problems, from lawsuits to bankruptcy—and now, a terrifying home invasion.

So, where does the RHOBH star's net worth really stand? Here's how it all breaks down:

Dorit makes a hefty paycheck for being on the show.

A Housewife's salary from Bravo can vary, depending on how big of a player they are on the show and how long they've been a star of their franchise. But, plenty of the ladies take home a sizable amount for their roles.

Dorit currently makes around $100,000 for each season of RHOBH she films, The Sun estimates. FYI, her co-stars Kyle Richards and Lisa Rinna are rumored to make $500,000 for each season, while Erika Jayne makes $600,000, according to The New York Times.

PK's high-profile job brings in a large sum.

PK is a talent manager for some pretty major celebrities, and he's grown his business for years, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Currently, he represents Boy George, a musician, and Pele, a soccer player.

ICYMI, Boy George is super close with the Kemsleys and often stays with them. He's also the godfather to their 7-year-old son, Jagger. But either way, PK definitely makes a killing by representing some of the top talent around.

He also has ties to real estate development, which is how he initially made a fortune. But after his company, Rock Joint Ventures Ltd, fell apart during the real estate crash in 2008, PK switched gears and dove into the entertainment industry.

Dorit is also a fashion designer.

In 2009, the RHOBH star was living in New York City when she launched Dorit, a line of swimwear and resort wear. She ran the company for around four years before meeting PK and moving to the West Coast, per Insider.

After joining the Housewives, Dorit decided to go back to her roots in fashion. She founded Beverly Beach by Dorit, another line of swimwear and resort wear, in 2017. The company is still thriving today and has expanded to include everything from athleisure to makeup products.

Viewers this season got to see Dorit add yet another line to her resume, as she branched out into wedding dress designs. Partnering with the Australian brand Nektaria, Dorit created her very own line of wedding dresses and revealed them to her co-stars during an over-the-top party at her home.

“There’s something so romantic and so special about wedding gowns,” Dorit told Brides. "I love weddings—it’s a fabulous time of your life, it’s happy, it’s enjoyable, and immediately when the opportunity came my way I just thought, 'This is something that I’d really like to do.'” The dresses start at $5,000, and Dorit even wore one called "The Reunion" to the RHOBH season 11 reunion:

Between her two current collections, Dorit definitely makes a pretty penny.

Dorit and PK have tried to sell their mansion in the past.

In August 2019, the couple bought a 9,000-square-foot home in Encino Hills, California, for $6.5 million, according to Bravo. Last year, they listed the property for $9.5 million—but never found a buyer, even after dropping the price.

"Grand living spaces, modern amenities and a backyard paradise 😍," one of the listing's agents posted on Instagram. "This contemporary retreat is perfectly designed for California’s endless summers." The house's amenities include a pool, a cabana, a putting green, a screening room, and a three-car garage:

And, they've had both legal and financial issues.

Financial problems have plagued the pair for years. While their situation might not be as drastic as Erika Jayne's, they've been involved in a few scandals of their own.

In 2018, Dorit's former Beverly Beach partner, Ryan Horne, sued the couple for never returning his initial $205,000 investment in the company, per Us Weekly. The duo then counter-sued Horne. The case was eventually dismissed, according to Yahoo!

Then, a year later, PK was accused of racking up $75,000 in gambling debt to a British sports betting company. This lawsuit was also dismissed, per Us Weekly. Later in 2019, someone else sued PK for a $1.2 million loan he claimed was never paid in full. Court documents revealed that the initial loan back in 2011 was only $250,000, but with interest, the amount quickly multiplied.

Dorit spoke out about the case on a Bravo after show: “PK’s affairs, and whoever’s coming out trying to say he owes him money, that is from another lifetime ago. It’s way before me, it’s way before his bankruptcy,” she said.

“It’s at the height—and unfortunately, when you become public they come out of the woodworks and that’s exactly what’s happening. There’s far more to the story than what people think that they know, and there’s a lot that I can’t say, obviously, because it’s in the hands of the lawyers and where it should be.”

As the case progressed, the judge ordered that Dorit and PK's finances be examined and eventually froze their bank account. A few months later, all of the claims were dismissed, according to Us Weekly.

The couple's home was recently burglarized.

In late October, the pair's Encino Hills home was robbed while Dorit and her two children were asleep. Three intruders stole around $1 million worth of purses, jewelry, and watches from Dorit's closet, a source told ABC News.

Dorit released a statement days later on Instagram. "As you all know by now I have been through a terrifying ordeal, one that no parent or person should ever have to experience," she wrote. "I've received so many messages of love and support and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. It's truly overwhelming."

"My kids are unaware of what happened, they slept through it and I thank God for keeping my kids and myself from being physically harmed," she continued. "My family now needs to start the healing process. I have thrown myself straight back into work as I want out family to return to normality as soon as possible."

"With the love and support of my husband, my incredible family, friends, fans, and followers, I am confident this is the right thing to do whilst I independently work through the trauma. I'm so grateful to the LAPD for their care and attention. Thank you again for all of your support. Much love, Dorit," she finished.

Many of the other Housewives reached out with messages of support. Kyle posted a picture of the family with the caption, "love you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️ So grateful you’re ok 🙏."

Okay—but how much is Dorit really worth?

Between their many business ventures, Dorit and PK have built quite the net worth. The couple together is worth around $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

That's ten times more than Erika Jayne is worth—but not quite as much as Kathy Hilton, whose net worth is massive in comparison. How recent events could change that number is still TBD, though.

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