Your 2021 Spotify Wrapped Is Here, and It's Taking You Way Down Memory Lane

I'm not sure why we all wait with bated breath all holiday season long for the release of Spotify Wrapped when it essentially roasts us for listening to the same five songs for a whole year (OK, that was a self-drag), but some things just can't be explained. As we barrel toward the end of 2021, eager to leave yet another cursed year behind us, we're all left to wonder the same things: When will my 2021 Spotify Wrapped be available? And why do I already know it's going to tell me I listened to Red (Taylor's Version) an unhealthy amount of times?

Rest assured, it's here. The 2021 Spotify Wrapped is finally available as of Dec. 1. Ahead, find all the Spotify Wrapped 2021 details you need to know.

When Will 2021 Spotify Wrapped Be Released?

Spotify released 2021 Spotify Wrapped on Wednesday, Dec. 1, so assuming your app is updated, it should already be loaded onto your account. This release comes after weeks of anticipation from, well, everyone on the internet. "Let the countdown begin," Spotify tweeted on Nov. 23 with regard to 2021 Spotify Wrapped, sending everyone into a frenzy. Technically, that could've meant anything, and we could've all been counting down until Dec. 25 without even knowing it. Realistically, though, most (correctly) assumed 2021 Spotify Wrapped would drop within the first week of December. In 2020 and 2019, Spotify Wrapped was released on Dec. 2 and Dec. 5, respectively.

How Do I See My 2021 Spotify Wrapped Information?

Once Spotify Wrapped is released, if you open up the Spotify app on your phone or computer, you should see a pop-up notification appear within the app, allowing you to navigate to your full, animated 2021 Spotify Wrapped story, which features your most-played songs, artists, genres, and more fun facts about your Spotify listening history that you may find incredible interesting or entirely embarrassing, depending on your Spotify habits. You should also be able to navigate to your Spotify Wrapped via your home page, where you'll most likely see a dedicated banner. You should also see a playlist section dedicated to Spotify Wrapped on your home page, which includes your full list of most-played songs from the year, as well as other related end-of-year playlists.

What If I Don't See My 2021 Spotify Wrapped Playlist and Story?

If you aren't seeing your 2021 Spotify Wrapped anywhere within the app (even when you search for it), try quitting the app and restarting it. If that doesn't work, your app may not be up to date, in which case you should head to your phone's app store and verify that you have the latest version of Spotify. If neither fix works, you can always reach out to Spotify's support center for help.

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