Kay, Here Are All the Spoilers From Katie Thurston’s Season of ‘The Bachelorette’

Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette is down to her final three men, which means the end is totally in sight! Finally! But if you’re the kinda person who wants to know exactly what happens in the finale way before ABC is willing to tell you, good news: We’ve got spoilers. Actually, lemme go ahead and bold this info for good measure:

SPOILERS (and some intriguing behind-the-scenes info) about Katie’s season of The Bachelorette are ahead. If you’re cool with that, please proceed!

Katie Leaves the Show Engaged

And yep, we know who won! According to Reality Steve, Blake Moynes is the winner of Katie’s Bachelorette season...and they leave the show fully engaged. Here’s exactly what Steve said ahead of Blake’s arrival, since you know you want specifics:

“Katie is engaged to Blake Moynes. Yes, I know, he’s not on the show yet. But he will be next week...sure, I expect there to be doubt like every season. All I can say is it’s been about a 7 week process since filming ended to get this info, and I’m very confident in what I’ve been told.”

This makes total sense, FYI—just before the season’s premiere, Katie did say that she has every intention of leaving the show on track to get hitched! In an interview with Us Weekly, she explained, “I just know where I’m at in life, and it really shows how serious I am about falling in love and finding my person. And if the thought of being engaged scares you, then you’re not ready to be with me.”

In the meantime, though, Katie has been doing an awesome job not wearing any kind of ring on her engagement finger, which you can see riiight here:

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Speaking of Engagement, Katie’s Final Four Are…

According to Reality Steve, Katie’s final men are winner Blake Moynes, along with Greg Grippo, Michael Allio, and Justin Glaze:

John Hersey was initially on Reality Steve’s list of the final four contestants, but he ended up getting eliminated by week three. Bummer! Steve also later confirmed that Andrew isn’t engaged to Katie by the time he leaves the show. “I’m sorry if you spent a half hour watching some guy break down the season promo and deduce that Andrew was the winner this season—he’s not. That I can confirm to you. So now only 3 possibilities—Justin, Blake, and Greg,” he wrote at the time.

Andrew Spencer was also initially one of the men in the top four, but Reality Steve later explained he mixed up the order of Andrew and Michael. “I had Andrew and Michael A. flip flopped. Andrew finished 5th with Michael finishing 4th. When I reported that back in May on Michael A., the one thing I knew was that his family never met Katie. So I made the assumption he didn’t finish top 4 since, well, top 4 get hometowns. I made the wrong assumption there on his placement. He finishes 4th, BUT, his family doesn’t meet Katie. At the beginning of next weeks episode, we’ll see Michael self eliminate because of his son, and Katie never meets his family,” he said in a new spoiler post.

Greg and Katie Get Into a Huge Fight

And the fight is so bad that Greg actually leaves the season before the finale! According to Reality Steve, Greg wanted to confront Katie because he “felt he got some sort of assurance from Katie he was the one or felt he’d be picked, yet he couldn’t understand why she was still involved with other men.”

If you’re wondering how this will all play out, just know that it won’t be “pretty.” Steve actually calls it a literal “meltdown.” He also reports that “this is basically a fight that they have. A fight that kinda goes back and forth. He talks to her, leaves, then she goes to talk to him, then one storms off, and it just keeps going. I’ve been told the two of them kept going back and forth at each other for hours.'”

This reported “blowout fight” in between the overnight dates and causes Greg to pack his bags and leave the show. Per Steve, “Greg is having a real hard time understanding why she’d want to be with anyone else, and it escalates from there. So much so I’ve been told ‘It’s the worst fight we’ve ever seen on this show.’” Yikes.

Katie Ended Her Season Early

Before you automatically jump to the conclusion that she pulled a Clare Crawley, hear me—er, I mean, Us Weeklyout. Apparently, “Katie was in control and made sure the men she wanted were there and the men she wasn’t interested in, she sent packing,” and there was not a single issue to be had because it “went great and it wrapped a week ahead of schedule.”

Kaitlyn, Tayshia, and Katie all seemingly confirmed they ended the season early because they also posted snaps hinting they were on their way home and/or no longer on-set.

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

And in case you’re wondering how Kaitlyn and Tayshia did as first-time cohosts, Us Weekly’s source gave them a glowing review: “Tayshia and Kaitlyn can relate to Katie’s journey in a lot of different ways, which you’ll see play out, so it was nice to have them there to help out with whatever situation came up….Tayshia had fun and loved doing it. She and Kaitlyn made a great team.”

A Bunch of Katie’s Contestants Are on Bachelor in Paradise This Year

Aaron Clancy, Thomas Jacobs, Karl Smith, and James Bonsall are all heading to paradise this year. Check out the rest of the contestants here:

Although Thomas was the season villain, he actually ends up getting a major storyline on BiP because—surprise!—he ends up dating former Bachelorette Becca Kufin! “(BIP SPOILER): If you thought Thomas got a lot of airtime this season, just wait till Paradise. Thomas is heavily involved with Becca Kufrin for the last half of ˆ, but, she eventually breaks up with him before the finale,” Reality Steve wrote on Twitter.

ABC Initially Went Back and Forth Over Casting Katie

Reality Steve was, unsurprisingly, the first to announce Katie’s casting news, but after the Rachael Kirkconnell and Chris Harrison controversy broke, he posted an update to his blog announcing that Katie would not be the Bachelorette:

“Katie was originally going to be the Bachelorette, and once the shit hit the fan with the franchise the last couple weeks, the course of action changed, and they are now in discussions on who to go with. All I’ve heard is it won’t be Katie now.”

A little over a week after the above mess, Steve once again confirmed that Katie actually *was* set to be the Bachelorette…again! “The more things change, the more they stay the same. The original spoiler I reported seems to be correct. Katie Thurston is set to be announced as the Bachelorette in the coming days,” he wrote on Twitter.

Katie’s Season Was Originally Going to Film in Canada, but the Location Also Changed

Canada was supposed to be the filming location for The Bachelorette…that is, until the production team changed its mind. (I’m sensing a trend here.) In late January, Steve gave his followers intel on Twitter, writing, “The resort for Bachelorette filming in Canada next season might be at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Alberta.”

Less than a month later, Steve corrected those rumors and confirmed that The Bachelorette’s upcoming season will take place in the United States, specifically in New Mexico at Albuquerque’s Hyatt Regency Tamaya.

The hotel has some pretty damn good views, BTW:

And that’s all we know so far! Be sure to keep your eyes on this story for any future updates, and make sure to watch The Bachelorette Mondays on ABC!

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