Here's the ending of Netflix's 1899 explained

1899 ending explained
The ending of Netflix's 1899 explainedNetflix

*Contains spoilers for the final episode of 1899*

Netflix's newest drama sci-fi series 1899 has had us truly gripped. The eight part series sees a group of European migrants crossing the Atlantic Ocean in the hope of a new life in New York. However, as their journey progresses they come across their missing sister ship, which has been lost for four months. When they step aboard the new ship their entire journey is about to turn into a nightmare.

Created by the duo behind Dark, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, the series has been confusing for viewers since episode one and things don't get much clearer during the finale episode either. So if you're as equally as confused as us, then this is everything you need to know about the ending of Netflix's 1899.

The ending of 1899 explained

The biggest plot twist of 1899 is that the passengers' trip to New York is actually a simulation created by Maura. However, Maura has forgotten that she is in a simulation as she chose to erase her memory to deal with the pain of losing her son. The biggest problem with this is that she holds the code to escape the simulation but doesn't realise she has it.

1899 ending explained

The final episode of 1899 opens up with Henry explaining to Elliot that Maura has been tricking him and everyone else. Elliot is then transported to Maura's memory of the hospital.

Back at Kerberos, Capitan Eyk returns to find Maura and she reveals to him and the other passengers they are in a simulation. The passengers are naturally angry at Maura for deceiving them and all leave the ship.

Determined to escape the simulation Maura and Eyk discover a trap door in the ship that leads to a different room within the ship.

Elsewhere, Daniel starts taking control of the electrical panels which then causes the black virus to grow faster around the ship. This then causes all the ship's passengers to be thrown into different simulations, including Maura and Eyk.

1899 ending explained

Maura and Eyk somehow end up in the "real world" where Eyk is then killed by the First Mate, who also explains the simulation has been corrupted.

The First Mate then takes Maura to her father and Elliot, where she is strapped into a chair at what looks like an asylum. It is here that her father explains it is Maura that has created the simulations not him. Maura is then injected by the guards.

Henry tries to use Maura's key in the little black pyramid to escape the simulation, however the key doesn't work as Daniel has changed the code and now the simulation is deleted.

Maura awakes in the moorlands to find Daniel in their son's hatch, which he explains is the first simulation they ever made together. He goes onto explain he changed the code so that when she was injected by the guards she was sent back into the simulation rather than out of it.

1899 ending explained

There's even more explanations to come! Daniel explains the new code is now in Maura's wedding ring, but it is actually not Maura who created the simulation, but her brother Ciaran. Daniel says Maura must return to the real world in order to stop her brother before it's too late.

Maura places her ring into the new pyramid Daniel has given her. When she awakes she finds herself in a spaceship, strapped to a machine alongside the other passengers from the original boat.

The episode ends by revealing Maura is onboard a spaceship called, get this, Prometheus. She receives a message on screen revealing it is the year 2099 and a message from her brother "welcoming" her to "reality."

And that is where the series ends. Sounds like we need a season two immediately.

1899 is available on Netflix now.

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