Here's how drag queen Lexington Banks starts her day

New York City-based drag performer Micah Stanford, whose drag name is Lexington Banks, takes us into his morning routine as he prepares for a drag brunch.

Video Transcript

LEXINGTON BANKS: Good morning, everyone. I am Lexington Banks. Welcome to my First 15. Thank you all so much for coming to get ready with me for drag brunch. I am pushing snooze, and I am not waking back up until 10:00. So come back in 15 more minutes.


How's it going, everyone? I am Lexington Banks, New York's premier dancing drag queen. And we are going to get ready for a drag brunch. Come on, Lola. Let's go.

I'm going to brush my teeth. We're going to do this for Instagram, because I am what? Important. This is also, ironically, how I get ready when I don't have a mirror.


That means the food's here. Let's go.

Listen, the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Do not skip it.

Welcome to my drag vanity. This is where we do the full transformation. We are getting ready for drag brunch. Gotta get the camera for the Instagram followers.

All right. Ready, Lola? Great.

I have been doing drag for about five years. I started doing it like once every two months for the first year or whatever. The pandemic happened, and next thing you knew, I was doing it full time.

We are starting our eyebrows. This is when I look the most clownish. We've got half an eyebrow. We've got some color correct on. I'm getting multiple colors. We love it.

Foundation is going to be next. This makes me smell like an old woman. Then after that, we are going back with highlight.

So my name is Micah, but I am becoming Lexington Banks. I got the name because my original drag mother's name was Madison Banks. Living in New York, Madison and Lexington are avenues next to each other. Plus Lexington sounds like an Upper East Side woman, and that is what Lexington likes to give.

We do all of this work to light up people's day. We can make someone laugh. We can make someone cheer, make someone feel excited. That's what we're here to do.

We are putting the eyelashes back on. They are drying. No Lexington Banks face is complete without the signature mole. We love it.

We are going to put a nice little lip gloss on.

And we're done-zo.

We're going to pick out an outfit for a drag brunch. You need something that's a little sparkly, that you can still move in. Because I do dance a little bit. I think this one's perfect. One moment.

And now we are going to decide what wig we want. So we are going to go with this lovely strawberry blonde. And this is one of my favorites, because she is glueless so she just pops right on my head.

A wig to a drag queen, it completes the look. It can change an entire outfit depending on what style you want. You know what I mean? Now we are moving on to the final touches of my outfit-- the nice, lovely opera length gloves.

Next we are adding the very large fur ball of a jacket. Twirl, twirl, twirl. Time to put some money in the bank. Bye.