Here's How to Custom Fit Wood Trim On Brick Walls


Creating a clean, streamlined wood trim on a brick wall from your coin collection? Yes, you read right! By utilizing the everyday coins, you can achieve that professional-looking fit and finish.

Today, we have an exciting lesson from Dan Bush, a master builder from Tasmania. Dan teaches us how to install custom-fitted wood trim on brick walls, a useful tip for those looking to add flair to their rustic interior.

Intrigued yet? Let's delve into Dan's clever woodworking hack.

Firstly, grab a large coin from your collection. Why a coin, you ask?

Well, the coin's rounded edge is the perfect tool to trace the unique shapes and patterns of a brick wall onto your trim. And you can customize the hole size, unlike a washer's precut hole. Ensure the coin has a small hole drilled in it - this allows you to see where you're marking.

Hold the coin against the starting point on the brick wall. Its edge would lay on the brick pattern and would guide you while tracing an accurate pattern onto the wood trim. Perform gently sliding along the coin's edge, marking the wood trim where the brick pattern meets. This gives you a first-cutting guide.

With the first mark done, take your saw and cut along this line. Congratulations, you've made your first custom shape, one that parallels the outline of the brick wall!

Now, it's time to get that detailed precision we love so much. For this, switch your tool and take out a smaller coin. Remember, the smaller coin also needs to have a drilled hole.

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Using the smaller coin, create an even closer outline along the already-cut edge of the wood trim. It's a process of refining your cut, and it's what will give your wood trim that impeccable, flush fit against the brick pattern. After marking, trim along this new mark.

Dan started with the larger coin because the initial gap between the straight-cut wood and the brick pattern was broader. This gap was then neatly adjusted with the smaller coin. That makes sense.

And there you have it. With a couple of coins, a piece of wood, and some elbow grease, you can create a custom-fit wood trim on a brick wall that resonates with Dan's master craftsman vibes. This innovative yet simple trick from our Tasmanian friend proves that with a little creativity, the possibilities in home improvement are truly endless.

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