A Beginner's Guide to Watching Every 'Yellowstone' Spinoff Show

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Anyone who has even lightly dabbled in the society of Yellowstone knows just how complex it is. That's because the show has plenty of spinoffs and prequel series that string along with it.

Many of us are completely immersed in the world that Taylor Sheridan created, and there's simply no way we're escaping now! Even with the official word that Yellowstone will be ending with the latter half of season 5, there's still much more content to take in.

There are a bunch of different storylines to follow, and a surplus of characters to get to know, too. (Thank goodness we have a Dutton family tree that can walk us through everyone!)

So, before we go ahead and explain each series and how they connect, the ones you should know are: 1883, 1923, 6666, and new additions, 1944 and 2024. While some of these shows are available to stream, others are still awaiting a premiere.

Keeping up with the Dutton family timeline might seem overwhelming, but it's nothing you can't handle! Here, you’ll find our guide to every Yellowstone spinoff series, so you won't miss a single beat.


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The Duttons, as we know them in Yellowstone, are the most powerful family in Montana. But the story of how it came to be started all the way back in the late 1800's, which is exactly what the show 1883 centers around. The prequel follows James and Margaret Dutton—played by the country music couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. As the family migrates from Fort Worth, Texas to claim land in Montana, the characters face bloody battles, family hardships, and the many dangers of the lawless west. 1883 aired for just one season, which you can stream on Paramount Plus.




Carrying on the storyline from 1883—with a slightly new generation of characters—we see how the Dutton family progresses with their newfound power and land ownership in Montana. Season 1 premiered back in December 2022, and it follows Cara and Jacob Dutton (played by legendary Hollywood stars Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford) and the turmoils they went through while defending their new land throughout the Prohibition and the Great Depression.Season 2 of 1923 hasn't aired yet, so there's more to this story that's yet to come.



There is no official word on what the plot of 1944 will be about. That's because the news is rather recent, so we're still in the early stages. However, we do know that it will be a prequel—and that Taylor Sheridan's other shows that contain years in its titles have proven to be historically accurate for the eras that they represent. So, it's possible that the case will remain the same here. With that said, World War II was still taking place in the year 1944, so it's likely that it will play into the plot somehow. No other details on the show, including the cast and premiere date, have been released.


The series 2024 was announced at the same time as as 1944, so there is little to no information surrounding this one either. What we do know is that on a separate note, it was confirmed that Matthew McConaughey had joined the long list of stars in the Yellowstone universe, and would be cast in an unnamed spinoff that will continue the story of some pivotal Yellowstone characters. While there's no official word that this spinoff will be 2024, it would be cool if that were the case!


yellowstone prequel and spinoff series
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Stepping away from the Montana storyline, 6666 (pronounced "four sixes") will tell the story of a real ranch by the same name in West Texas, according to Entertainment Weekly. Just like Yellowstone, it will be a modern day Western "where world class cowboys are born and made,” according to the official logline provided to TVLine. You might recognize 6666 from season 4 of Yellowstone when Jimmy was sent there to work. There's no news yet on whether Jimmy or any other Yellowstone characters will be in the show, but here's to hoping! The premiere date is yet to be announced, but we will update with more information as we find out.

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