Here's The Best Aldi Frozen Dessert You Can Buy

Aldi frozen desserts on a table
Aldi frozen desserts on a table - Helena Nichols/Mashed

Aldi shoppers are divided on which frozen desserts reign supreme, but Mashed is here to help. We ranked 12 different Aldi frozen desserts and found that the Sundae Shoppe Super Premium ice cream won the day. There are three available flavors of this treat, which shoppers swear is just like Ben & Jerry's. Thank You Cherry Much! riffs on Cherry Garcia, packing cherry ice cream with pieces of its namesake fruit and chocolate-flavored chunks. Make Fudge Not War! is Aldi's answer to chocolate fudge brownie, mixing brownie chunks into chocolate ice cream.

The third flavor, Brookie Dough, stands out from the crowd as the best of the three. This tub is packed with mix-ins, infusing chocolate and vanilla super-premium ice cream with delicious pieces of brownie chunks and chocolate chip cookie dough.

We at Mashed are not alone in our love of this tub, either: One social media user took to the Aldi community on Reddit after trying the Brookie Dough flavor, exclaiming that they "took one bite of this and almost kicked the doors off their hinges! Unbelievably good." Folks in the comments were in agreement, with one reply reading, "So delicious. I hate that I discovered it." Take it from those who have tried it, this stuff is so good that it induces some pretty powerful emotions.

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Aldi's Super Premium Ice Cream Is Packed With Fun Factor

Opened Brookie Dough ice cream
Opened Brookie Dough ice cream - Helena Nichols/Mashed

Aldi's ice cream pint offerings are by no means limited to these three. From its Specially Selected range to its Earth Grown non-dairy pints, Aldi's best ice cream items are all superstars in their own right.

The Specially Selected variation is another fan favorite, with the vanilla flavor being described by one Reddit user as "hands down, the best vanilla ice cream I've ever had." However, others take issue with how difficult it is to scoop, as well as how "oddly dense" it is. You might want to leave this one out of the freezer to thaw for a bit longer than usual if you want an easier scooping experience.

The Specially Selected ice creams may have a premium feel and elegant simplicity to them, with a tasty chocolate flavor also available, but we at Mashed think ice cream is at its best when it has an element of fun to it. That's precisely why the Sundae Shoppe Super Premium pints are victorious over their posher counterparts; they're just more fun. Why settle for vanilla or chocolate ice cream on its own when you could pick up a tub packed full of mix-ins that add excitement to every spoonful?

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