Here's How 19 Celebrities Reacted To "Squid Game"

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If you're like over 100 million other people — including many celebrities — you've probably watched Squid Game by now.

Stars, they're just like us! They weep over "Gganbu"! Here are some of the most relatable celeb reactions to the show:

🚨Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Squid Game! 🚨

1.Kerry Washington:

2.Billie Eilish:

Billie saying I finished all of it in two days are you kidding me?

This was Billie's response when asked if she'd watched the show. Extremely relatable.

Twitter: @sunriseon7

3.Taika Waititi:

4.LeBron James (speaking to teammate Anthony Davis):

LeBron saying "I didn't like the end, though..."

Seriously, I, too, was screaming, "GET ON THE PLANE!" at my TV screen. Watch LeBron and AD's full exchange here.

Twitter: @kylegoon

5.Keke Palmer:

6.Marina Diamandis:

7.Liam Gallagher:

8.Rami Malek and Pete Davidson:

Rami and Pete as Squid Game participants on SNL

The pair did a parody of the show on Saturday Night Live when Rami hosted.

NBC / Via

9.Jimmy Fallon:

10.Cardi B:

iamcardib's Twitter profile photo ("Red Light, Green Light" doll, Young-hee) and header photo ("Lizzo & Cardi B Rumors")

Cardi temporarily changed her Twitter profile picture to a version of the "Red Light, Green Light" doll, Young-hee.

Twitter: @iamcardib


12.Chlöe Bailey:

13.Ryan Destiny:

14.Kevin Durant:

15.Wiz Khalifa:

16.Skai Jackson:

17.Conan O'Brien:

18.Nancy Drew star Leah Lewis:

Screenshot from Leah's IG story showing her crying with the caption "Bury me with squid game episode 6 gganbu"

19.And B.J. Novak: