Here's 14 of the Easiest Plant-Based Snacks You Can Incorporate Into Your Pantry ASAP

The combination of wanting to be a bit healthier and being aware of our planet's climate crisis has led me to make a bold choice: I want to eat a more plant-based diet. This might not seem like a big deal to some, but my grandfather was a butcher. Meat, in my family, is a nonnegotiable. Plus, I love meat. In order to ease myself into this lifestyle change, I'm committing to only one meal with meat a day. The easiest areas for me to incorporate vegan food into my diet, hands down, are snacks.

Now, don't misunderstand me: my favorite snack is a meat and cheese board, so this is definitely a challenge. But I've done my research and come up with some pretty tasty vegan snacks that I can keep on hand for when hunger hits. The best part is, they can be delivered straight to my door. Happy snacking!


Even If You Have No Idea What Veganuary Is, You'll Want to Try These 15 Recipes

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