Here We Go Again! The Busiest Day for Holiday Travel Is...


Airlines for America predicts that Dec. 19 will be the busiest travel day this holiday season. (Thinkstock)

Traveling home for Christmas this Friday?

According to the Holiday Air Travel Forecast from Airlines for America (A4A), you’re not alone. Dec. 19 will be the busiest travel day this holiday season.

So while you hoped to get a few extra days with the family by traveling the weekend before Christmas, you might have a few delays on your way to grandma’s house. 

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But not all is lost. If you’re looking to avoid the holiday traffic, the lightest travel days are expected to be Dec. 24, Dec. 25, Dec. 31, and Jan. 1.

Overall, the A4A predicts that more people will be traveling this year over the 19-day period from Dec. 17 through Sunday, Jan. 4. “We expect 45 million customers will travel onboard U.S. airlines over the holiday period,” said John Heimlich, vice president of Airlines for America.

Last year, nearly 44 million passengers traveled by air, so this year may see an increase of two percent or 47,000 more daily travelers.

To accommodate these extra customers, A4A reports that airlines are adding seats to accommodate the demand. That means airlines will be using larger aircraft flying at almost full capacity. 

So much for stretching out in the empty seat next to you. 

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