Henna artist designs stunning and elaborate floral patterns

The Instagram for Kundan Henna boasts photos and videos of all sorts of intricate henna designs by its self-taught founder from Alberta, Canada.

Henna is actually a small flowering shrub used for multiple purposes like perfume, to treat skin conditions and to dye clothing, hair and skin. Its use dates at least as far back as Ancient Egypt, where Cleopatra was said to use henna to adorn her body. Today, the art of applying henna to the hands and feet is called Mehndi.

Kundan Henna posts their intricate and ornate Mehndi designs on Instagram. For a henna tattoo on top of a client’s hand, the artist starts off by creating a small flower. An outline is then traced around the flower to create the appearance of multiple layers of petals. Next, a leaf emerging from the side of the flower is added for more detail. This small section of a much larger design is just a tiny taste of Kundan Henna’s expansive works. 

The video received over 162,000 views on Instagram. 

“Your paste looks so perfect,” one person wrote

“So neat,” one added.

“Love watching your work with the Bollywood music,” an Instagram user said.

Henna tattoos are used all over the world across numerous cultures. During Hindu weddings, the bride wears it to symbolize joy, beauty and spiritual awakening. While Moroccans incorporate it onto door decorations to bring prosperity and ward off evil. Indian henna art tends to feature floral patterns and fine lines, Arabic henna is larger-scaled and African henna patterns tend to be bolder and geometric.

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