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Help toddlers transition out of high chairs by setting up a ‘weaning table’

This mom on TikTok shared how to create a weaning table for toddlers transitioning out of their high chairs, and parents are intrigued.

Lauren Mejia (@lauren_mejia_) is a TikToker and mom who’s garnered a large following for her parenting hacks and content featuring Montessori principles, a method of education that emphasizes independence and hands-on learning. In one of Mejia’s videos, she demonstrates how to construct a weaning table for toddlers transitioning out of their high chairs, and parents are taking notes.

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The clip begins with the words, “The Montessori weaning table,” typed over a shot of a simple kid-sized white table and chair set.

Mejia playfully uses quick edits to give the appearance of each object for the table magically appearing out of nowhere.

A water station, complete with a black wire stand and small water dispenser, suddenly appears on the left side of the table.

Next, a framed illustration of vegetables materializes on the wall to the right of the water station.

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Finally, a tray with cups and hand towels crops up between the water station and the picture.

Mejia then explains that the weaning table helps foster a toddler’s freedom to move, in addition to promoting autonomy and “decision-making by giving them the ability to get their own water.”

Mejia closes the video noting that toddlers also get to feel like big kids by drinking from an open glass, over footage of her adorable son enjoying a cup of water he’s carefully holding with both hands.

Parents took to the comments to share their thoughts and questions about Mejia’s weaning table.

“We need to implement this,” noted one parent.

“Ohhhh, I love this,” another TikToker complimented.

“What age should I implement this? If I put this down for my 14-month-old, she would just rip it off the table,” inquired one parent, to which Mejia replied, “I did it around 12 [months]! But modeling it is very important and setting those boundaries.”

Creating a weaning table can be an excellent way for toddlers to learn and explore their surroundings on their own terms.

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